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  1. I draft the best player available. Then I order a pizza.
  2. The way this works is if you say you want the team then I send the invite to your posted email and you are supposed to go to your email and accept the invite and you are in the league. Apparently the last 2 did not know this. Let's try again.......Sorry if I don't send invite right away. I'm not on here 24 hours a day. I've never had to do this in past years. "Hey I'm starting a new Dynasty League." Too many of these 2 year Dynasty Leagues on this board. Yes, most will last about 2 years.......But they are fun to draft................................... The LeBron team is still available. Roster - Not going to post it again. You can find it posted numerous times in this post. At least 3 times.
  3. Invite sent to sourpunch......Last guy did not join. So hopefully this team will be taken. But if not then will be available again tomorrow.
  4. Philadelphia 76ers could benefit by this "Load Management crap" more than any other team. They have the best starting five from 1 thru 5 in my opinion. If they play 4 of the 5 starters every game - Good enough for at least a #4 seed. All starters at 60-65 games played. "A very well rested team going into PlayOffs". ...Or do this for the first 60-65 games and play the starters every game at the end of the season for team continuity to get ready for the PlayOffs. That would still mean 68-70 games played for each starter......Just a thought. And I do expect Kawhi Leonard to play at least 70 games this year. He was coming off injury last year. He said this himself in a recent interview..The injury part. Not the 70 games.
  5. LeBron team still available. Thehottip did not take it.......Waivers set for Oct. 5th.
  6. Dynasty H2H Points League Yahoo. No money but all teams are active. 8 year league..... Have 17. Need 1 more replacement. 14 returnees and 3 new owners.
  7. The LeBron - Middleton - D Howard team drafted Jaxson Hayes. Still need owner for this team. Roster listed above.
  8. You. Yes you. Take this team. Dwight Howard is on it..........Carmelo is available in FA pool. You can own 2 of the most self centered bastards to ever play in the NBA. And LeBron too.
  9. 375 views. 15 by me. So 360 people have viewed this post and no one joins. Was never like this in the past.......Just need 1 to take the LeBron - Middleton team.....I can tell you all the reasons why this league is better than 90% of the league's on this board......Why bother.
  10. Not enough team owners out there to fill all these leagues. Waaaaaaay too many start-up Dynasty Leagues.
  11. Still looking for owner. Drafting #9. We are on pick #5 now.
  12. Simons is a heck of a pick-up in Dynasty leagues. And he is the only back-up PG on the Blazers. So 17-20 mpg sounds about right....I play 20 team Dynasty leagues. So he is definitely rosterable. And I play Weekly and not Daily so you can stash him until whenever if you really like the guy. If CJ or Dame get hurt then look out...The rest of Portland Gs are nothing to write home about.