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  1. Sent invite to blake. Points league needs one. Original owner was a no-show. Replacement lasted about a week. Replacement for replacement owner took over team and did not change team name - did not pick up any players - did not put in active players.....Other than that...............
  2. William you are in my points league. But if an opening comes up in a H2H category league I'll let you know. I have 1 team owner kinda shaky. Was penalized for tanking but one more chance since he has been with us for 2 years.
  3. M Gasol for Teague

    Prince and Barnes both 24 years old. Best years statistically for most players are from 25-32. Didn't Butler only play 65 games last year? I could be wrong on that. Plus why the DNPs this year? I just think Prince could be Top 30 in 2 years. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.....But you do make some good points here......I was offered Gallo-Prince and wanted Barnes-Prince instead. He was really high on Noel at the time. One good game does that sometimes.
  4. Counter offer! Whir

    If you are getting Ayton/Fournier. Yes.
  5. M Gasol for Teague

    We'll see......If Rose starts then maybe Teague gets traded. Jones backup Rose......Thibs and the T'Wolves are a mess right now. Gasol could be a We'll see.....If Rose starts then Teague could get traded. T Jones backup to Rose???.....T'Wolves and Thibs a mess right now......Gasol could be a shut down candidate or at least less playing time come Fantasy PlayOffs. So who knows. Next year Robinson (my fantasy C) will hopefully be NYK starter and Gasol another year older. Remember this is a Dynasty league. Teague still has 2-3 more good years left after this season in my opinion. But this trade is a gamble I'm willing to take. Butler deal I'm OK with if Prince continues to improve. He is 24 and is playing with ankle injury. Next 3 months will tell and who knows where Butler will be. If Butler is not "The Man" then drop him down 20 spots in fantasy. And I got Barnes instead of Noel.......These are not horrible trades......Let's wait untill end of season then maybe you are right......Can't make that decision in 2 minutes like royalm did.
  6. I made this trade right before Teague knee injury. It's a 20 team Dynasty league and I needed a PG. I have Centers - M Robinson - C Zeller - Harrell. So I don't know....Gasol 34 and Teague is 30. I think Gasol is slipping a bit with age. But the way he is playing the last 3-4 games I don't know. I need Teague back soon. Looks to be a knee bruise. That is the good news. Bad news I am about 14th of 20 teams after finishing 3rd last year. Also traded Butler - Noel (day after his 20-15 game) Next years 1st ----for ----Barnes - Prince.......Dynasty league so I am trying to get younger. Last year I felt lucky to finish 3rd in league.
  7. I hate the 2 for 1 offers. 2 inferior players for a star. But at least those are 2 good players. I would lean towards Harris. But not bad offer.
  8. Who wins? Whir

    Stupid question here - What does "whir" mean? Keep Jordan and Porter. Porter by himself is better than those 2 guys. But I would go ahead and drop Dion. But hold on to De Andre. He's good.
  9. Josh Richardson 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I don't think Riley will part with J-Rich or Adebayo to get Butler. J-Rich is 6 years younger than Butler. JB would take up a high % of cap space. If he even agrees to sign. I don't know the cap situation with Miami but regardless I don't think Riley would part with either of those 2 players. So I expect J-Rich to stay in Miami. But what the heck do I know.
  10. Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

    You can't stash players in Daily leagues. That is why I play Weekly. Daily you need everyone to play and if they don't produce - Robinson will have his dud games - hard to take those 6-5-1 pt-rb-bk games. So I bench Robinson in my Dynasty league and wait until next year. No use to have young developmental players in Daily leagues. Unless you want to get your a** kicked every week. Robinson looks like future Gobert. Or was mentioned Camby.......Just don't expect much this year. As long as Kanter is around Robinson will get no more than 21-24 minutes per game. He is only 20. But this time next year........A front line of Robinson-Porzingis-Knox........And if Ntilikina developed......A good PG would help Robinson immensely.
  11. I don't have any candles.
  12. Email sent to Red Sox fan.......May need another for this league. I'll give the guy until Tuesday since he has been in the league for 2 years........And possibly one for my 18 Team Daily Points League. I have 4 leagues and it doesn't matter what you do there is always a few to replace during the season. So far 2-3-4 unstable owners out of about 60-65. That's not too bad.
  13. Start PG SG G SF PF F C UT UT......BN BN BN BN BN IL....
  14. H2H needs a replacement........Standard 9 category........ 8 Team PlayOff........14 man roster 1 IL..... 22 Max Player Moves (none used).......5 Max Trades.......Draft Lottery at end of season.......Free but competitive league.......Yahoo......Weekly Line-ups.......Roster - CPaul - ETurner - LNanceJr - KPorzingis - BHield - DFavors - Justin Holiday - DNowitzki - GHill - PJTucker- LAldridge - GHayward - KO'Quinn......Yahoo........ Not a bad team. Bottom of standings but that's due to bad line-up with Dirk and O'Quinn starting......Leave email if interested......
  15. I'll Be Fantrax Replacement

    How did Celtics lose to Magic at Home????????