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  1. I like Hendricks. Cubs will get it together. I would put Urias and Burnes ahead of Shoemaker. Higher upside with those two. 1.Hendricks....2.Urias....3.Burnes....4.Shoemaker.... I could very easily be wrong on this. Pitching seems to be such a crapshoot from year to year........Hope this helps a little.......
  2. Dynasty Leagues that play for money are stupid. Ed Buzz has the right idea. Only re-draft leagues for money. How do you replace bad teams in Dynasty Leagues if playing for money?....... To find someone to give up 100 dollars or whatever the amount is to take over someone else's bad team seems a little stupid. Unless you just like throwing money away. Are there any money Dynasty Leagues out there that make it to Year 3??????......Be honest......
  3. I will definitely check out dynastysportsempire.com........Thanks for the info.........But I still don't understand paying for someone else's garbage team. If it is a good team, I would think that the team owner is coming back the next year. I have found that in free leagues the best teams come back. And the losers quit. Just like in pay leagues.......It seems a lot easier to fill team owners of bad teams if it is free. My leagues are all free (all 20 team Dynasty) and we have a 90% retention from year to year. I just think it is the way leagues are run that teams stay or not. I don't think it would be at 90% if the bottom teams had to pay every year. There are some teams that never win and play for fun. So free is better for Dynasty in my opinion. And yes you can find owners to play for free and not quit before seasons end.
  4. Why would anyone pay money to get into a Dynasty League? After Year 1 the bad teams probably will not come back and then you have to sell the bad teams for money. Why would anyone throw away good money on a bad or below par Dynasty team? I can see having some sort of sliding pay scale where the top teams would pay more. But for all to pay equally and some have an inferior team just seems stupid. Are there really takers for a 15 or 16 place team in a 16 team Dynasty League????? How many "pay"Dynasty leagues last more than 2 years? If there are any, let's here from you. And how did you do it.
  5. 3 Dynasty H2H 9 category 20 team leagues. Will need a few owners for next year.

    Also need 1 for 18 team Dynasty League H2H points. 1win 1loss weekly.

    All weekly line-up leagues.

  6. Do you really think you can "sell" your teams in free leagues?........... Good luck.
  7. Memphis would not give up Dillon Brooks to get Oubre? Really? I think Brooks is signed for 2 years (not sure) but in my opinion Memphis should have taken Oubre and tried to sign him. Oubre could be a future All Star. Dillon Brooks never.
  8. Trade doesn't make sense for Phoenix but if you can get Oubre + Rivers for Ariza you do it. Other trades on the way for Suns. Remember - Drafted Ayton, Bridges, Okobo this year and Josh Jackson last year. So not planning on winning for at least 2 years.........Trust the Process II..... Ayton - Booker - Bridges - Oubre is not a bad start. A PG is definitely needed and probably a PF type guy......Okobo and Melton are both super young. One of those could be the PG of the future. Maybe, maybe not. Ariza free agent signing made no sense at the time but it got the Sun's Oubre and Rivers.......I'm thinking the Phoenix front office will either look like genius's or idiots in two years. I think they know what they are doing......But I'm not sure.... No way that all 5 of these guys are here at the trade deadline - Booker - Josh Jackson - TJ Warren - Bridges - Oubre......Warren or Jackson will be gone in my opinion.
  9. Dynasty League. Most rookies are who the stats say they are for the rest of the season. 22-28 minutes a game and maybe add 10-15% on to current stats. Fantasy gold in 2-3 years.
  10. A stash on IL in a Dynasty League. It's a Weekly League so even when he comes off IL I don't have to worry about playing him. Don't think he will help much this year but I like him a lot 2-3 years down the road.
  11. He's the best PG on the Spurs. Mills is an average back-up and good to have around but you won't get any upside. Same with Forbes. Forbes only gets minutes because injuries to Murray-White..........White was supposed to be the starter after Murray injury. Then White was out. White has played 23+ minutes the last 4 games. I think as long as he is playing 27-30 minutes - I fully expect it now that he seems to be healthy - Doesn't matter if he is starting. He is the best they have right now. And he was a +21 tonight. I think he is rounding into form. Looking at Top 120 or better the rest of season. I picked him up in a 20 team Dynasty league and dropped Evan Turner. ROS stats - 28 minutes - 11 pts - 5 asts - 0.9 3pts - 0.9 stls........Nothing great but........Those are a few of my thoughts.
  12. Yes it is a free league on Yahoo. Invite sent to tannerdye94.
  13. Roto vs H2H - Roto is the most fair and a true Champ usually cames out on top. In H2H - At least in my case - just make the Playoffs. A lot of times it's a crapshoot in H2H and some teams bench players (tanking and/or rest) so the best team does not always win. But I still prefer H2H. Have been in a lot of Roto leagues in the past so nothing bad to say about Roto. I like the games limit in Roto........Yahoo does not have a games limit in H2H. I think ESPN does though. Streaming - I'm in a Daily Contract league with a 3 player adds a week limit. The 2 streaming teams I played against the last 2 weeks. I felt like I was playing 12 vs 15 players. In actuality I was. I won 2 weeks ago barely. Lost last week because of the damn streaming nonsense. Could I do the same thing? Answer is yes. But I have 12 good players so I don't think it would be the best thing in the long run for my team. Just to win a category or 2 ? Not for me. I always thought the point was to beat the other team with the best players. Streaming just pads the stats for inferior teams..lol...Just my opinion....
  14. Dynasty Leagues - Everyone has different strategies in a Dynasty League. Do you want to win now or do you want to pick up young players and build for the future ? ............I have taken over a lot of bad teams in Dynasty Leagues just for the challenge of building a PlayOff team 2-3 years down the road. So I basically wipe the slate clean and start from the bottom. Can't just get rid of everyone right from the start. So usually about half the team has to go. When taking on a bad Dynasty team the previous owner most likely has a lot of dead weight to get rid of.........When drafting a 1st year Dynasty team I want to win now. Or at least have a decent team right from the start. So I draft a lot of 3-6 year guys. I don't like the older guys in Dynasty (32-33 on up). An occasional M Gasol or C Paul - Of course. Just not a whole roster full of old guys. Weekly vs Daily Leagues - Let's say you have a 13 man roster and 4 guys are injured. Your opponent has a full 13 players. In a Daily line-up league you are playing 9 vs 13. You are probably beat before you start. Unless you stream a lot. But if your 4 injured guys are good players you aren't going to do that. So not much choice but to play short-handed. Don't like the Daily leagues........Same 13 man roster and 4 guys injured in a Weekly League. Your opponent has a full 13 players. Let's say you start 8 players. You are playing 8 vs 8. Same 8 players all week and no substitutions. That seems fair. The NBA plays 5 vs 5. 240 minutes vs 240 minutes. Not 9 vs 13. So Weekly makes more sense to me.......Plus in Daily it is hard to stash anyone since all players can play on any given night. If you stash a rookie (Okobo or whoever) and you have open roster spots you cannot maximize your score....... In Weekly you can stash players. You don't play everyone. Only a certain amount of players each week. Ill post more after I read the other posts. Later.
  15. I play in mostly 20 team leagues. And only Dynasty Leagues. And prefer Weekly vs Daily Leagues. 10-12 Team Re-draft Daily Leagues bore the piss out of me. If you are talking about re-draft leagues and daily leagues then I guess I don't have much to say. I don't like streaming and I don't like shallow leagues. And I don't like re-draft and I don't like daily leagues....So there you go. If you want to know about Dynasty Leagues and Weekly Leagues then I can give my opinions on strategy. But I don't feel like it right now.........Most of you won't like what I have to say, anyway.
  16. Team B still available. Sent invite to spwewu yesterday and no response yet. Also sent invite to same spwewu on Nov 12 for a different team. No response then either. So Team B still available. Anyone out there that will take this team and turn in a line-up once a week? I would think this would not be too hard to do. But apparently it was for the last 2 owners........0 player Moves this year.............Suggestions - Drop Trevor Booker and pick up someone? Might be a good idea to take John Henson out of the line-up until his wrist heals. I think he had surgery a few days ago. So he's not ready to play yet...........There you go. I've done half the work for you this week.
  17. Ok.........Free beer. Only if you are able to manage a team once a week. Maybe pick up a player or two for that poor Team A mess. We have a Draft Lottery at end of season. But both of these teams are being penalized for tanking. Still a real possibility of either getting a Top 3 pick. Zion Williamson or any of those other 5-6 Duke players.......
  18. I'm in a 20 team league with 16 man rosters.....Juancho - Morris - Bembry......Dynasty no money league but all active teams. I don't see how anyone can play in a Dynasty League for money. Wouldn't the bad teams not come back in Year 2 if they have to pay the same as the good teams? That would just be throwing money away unless you were building a team with younger upside guys.
  19. Sent invite to Sam....spwewu AT yahoo.com.....Team B.....
  20. Still trying to find a couple owners to manage teams in a weekly league. This is not hard to do. Just turn in a line-up of 9 active players. Once a week...... Take Bobby Portis out of starting line-up on one team and take John Henson out in the other. At least while they are on IL..........It's a Dynasty League and both teams are not that bad. Not that good either. Kinda average. Or below average.....Here are the rosters. You decide...... Team A.....SHarrison-Knox-KAnderson-ThadYoung-JBell-Dragic-Siakam-Portis-TParker-Gobert-McKinnie-Blakeney....... Team B.....Bledsoe-WJohnson-Rivers-Koufas-Crabbe-Henson-Dedmon-Ariza-Lillard-MRobinson-HollisJefferson-KCPope-Fournier-TBooker...... Yahoo....H2H....20 teams....4th Year....Standard 9 category....PG SG G SF PF F C UT UT.... Leave email and if you want Team A or Team B.....................Let me guess - Team B.
  21. Sent invites to Blake and to spwewu with no response. So I need owner for the following team in 20 team H2H Dynasty. Weekly line_up changes. Roster........Knox - Portis - K Anderson - Dragic - Gobert - Blakeney - T Parker - Siakam - J Bell - Thad Young......14 man roster and start 9......Roster is 4 players short. I don't know why.......Bad ownership...... Email........
  22. Sent invite to blake. Points league needs one. Original owner was a no-show. Replacement lasted about a week. Replacement for replacement owner took over team and did not change team name - did not pick up any players - did not put in active players.....Other than that...............