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  1. He leads all rbs in targets, in full ppr YEAH I'm holding and starting. You think the redskins are gonna be able to run on the bears Sunday, NAH.
  2. All these situations don't see that great for drake imo. Chargers- 4 headed monster Titans- What role will he play? Lewis is the 3rd down back that is basically phased out, henry dominates snaps. Packers- Already have a stud and a great backup. 49ers- Have 15 running backs who are good.
  3. Cut him for what? Farting? Say someone comes to your boss and says you did this and that with no evidence and you should be fired. Sound fair or should both sides present their case? As for fantasy, dude is a top ten option every seek, he will get minimum 10 targets per game and dominate. I just hope the teams they play can make it somewhat competitive.
  4. Dude looks great and is one of the best handcuffs and he is all over fantasy sights so if hes there grab him. If you play yahoo, you can hold a handcuff for a 12 O'clock game or Thursday game and if the starter doesn't get hurt you can drop them and pick up another dude. I have the #2 waiver, mattison, justin jackson, chase edmunds, jamal williams, and ty montegomery. These guys are behind backs who get the ball 20 times a game, in a violent game best to hedge your bets.
  5. Got to say I don't own Bell, but if there anyone who should have a handcuff it is him. Taking 25-30 hits a game in a stacked box and hes already slightly banged up, recipe for disaster.
  6. titans for sure, plus if ramsey is traded better for titans to control the clock.
  7. I own ab and it is clear that he is a top 5 wr in this offense. He got 8 targets in 23 snaps in a blow out. He has a limited knowledge of the playbook and will be unstoppable in this offense. They even designed a run for him. He became the automatic alpha dog and looked fantastic getting open at will. Pats are going for 19-0, steelers/colts two major rivals are gone. CSB- I also have julio and mike thomas, and besides julio and hopkins and adams I can't think of any other wrs I would have. As far as the allegations, sure she will tell her side of the story, but there have been NUMEROUS leaked videos of the accuser and brown not in a "brother and sister" "business only relationship" as she claims manner (google). I will sit and wait, but I don't see him being put on the list for money grab civil lawsuits that he could of dealt with in the past, but declined because she trying to extort him.
  8. Yeah if he doesnt start getting more passes he loses huge value in full and half ppr leagues. Chris Thompson will have more value. I own jacobs btw and i dont understand why they didnt give him a few screens etc similar to the dump off against denver which was a huge play. His floor is probably like 50 rushing yard no catches or td, unfortunately he has the toughest run schedule in the first 8 weeks or so.
  9. Yeah they were on the 10 after jacobs marched them all the way down the field and they draw up a pass play that got picked basically sealing the game. . Jacobs was absolutely gashing KC, they need to involve him more in the passing otherwise that is a HUGE issue in ppr.
  10. Okay thanks need 1 more yard for a 5 pt bonus that they fing took away.
  11. WTF were the raiders doing throwing they were gashing the chiefs with the run.
  12. Same, JuJu and Evans in my sights. Although he has 20 million reasons not to do anything crazy.