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  1. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    I own DJ and want the best for him, but it is obvious he is pretty TD dependent and when those don't happen which is likely since the team is so terrible, his value is that of a rb 3. His ypc is terrible, his total yards are terrible, he isn't catching many passes. All of which is not his fault, they aren't using him correctly.
  2. 10.11.18 -- TNF: Philly Eagles @ New York Giants Game Thread

    What a great throw, lazer beam.
  3. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    1. Weather is not a factor right now wait about 3 weeks. 2. Flacco is playing very well and they have become a much better off. 3. Look at the top 10 kickers from last year 2017- (zuerlein, goskowski, tucker, bryant, lutz, boswell, butckner, succop prater) 7/10 from strong offenses. 4. Kicking is unpredictable, but if you get a kicker from a top off you are at least getting 5 points usually. Weather is something you can monitor as well.
  4. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Plays in a dome at home against the worst team in football, wont be down.
  5. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    You want kickers from high powered throwing offenses with good def ideally going against bad teams, that way they will at least get extra points and probably a few fg. I also always target guys who play in domes and have big legs. Bryant fits this mold well.
  6. Julian Edelman 2018 Outlook

    Id rather have hogan and gordon blowing the top off def so he can do his underneath stuff.
  7. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    Because they had literally no one else to put in and turbin just came back from injury, a lot of his play was in come back mode to the Pat's in the 4th when they were down. Do you think the jets will be blowing them out? I own Hines but I don't see similar amount of touches each week.
  8. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    I think he should be benched this week since I see them actually beating the jets and not be forced to throw 50 times. Also mack should be bad clouding things.
  9. 10/7/2018 Broncos vs Jets Game Day Thread

    I think we can all accept the fact that Thomas is a bust.
  10. 10/7/2018 Giants vs Panthers Game Day Thread

    He did touch the ball with his leg.
  11. 10/7/2018 Giants vs Panthers Game Day Thread

    That will probably get stat corrected. The fumble that is.
  12. RB Handcuff Rankings 2018

    So your evidence is one game this year where they were completely blown out by the 1st quarter and he was completely game scripted out. Or we can use last years 10 games where he had to fend off McKinnon, yet still got 20 touches per game. Now he is on an even more explosive offense (Cousins), which will lead to more goaline touches and you say he is USELESS?
  13. Cairo Santos 2018 outlook

    Also the rain will be done by 3:30 won't be a factor and wind is only maxing out a 4 mph. Intellicast.com
  14. Game Day Weather 2018

    Anything to see here, I checked the weather and its 80 degrees and sunny with no wind. Is the field that bad?
  15. Chris Hogan 2018 Outlook

    This is the most inexplicable busts I've ever drafted. 1. No real threats to wr targets besides gronk. 2. Hall of fame qb. 3. Amazing offense that loves to pass. 4. Knows the system very well not a rookie. 5. Great last year. 6. Great in 2018 preseason. 7. Plays like every snap. 8. Easy schedule. WTF.