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  1. Man, gurely looks fine when he is running, but it is obvious they are scaling him back from goaline situations to avoid big hits I guess.
  2. WOW, don't know about jones splitting carries gonna be hard to trust him.
  3. Whatever rb comes in next drive for GB should be telling.
  4. So depressing man and they score which makes me think jones wont be in next time. All we can pray for is some bs TD.
  5. CSB tell us more. I will be starting him. I think he will finally start breaking off a few big runs. If stafford is out this will be a low scoring game which helps dj bigtime.
  6. Man the titans absolutely man handled the jags. Good thing i picked them up for week 15.
  7. I think it has to be Mack if hes 100%. He will get most of the work. Thanks for the help with mine.
  8. I have a very similar dilemma, without know your settings I would go Allen. Wilson has a very tough match up with Minn and both teams love to run. I think that Josh will give a nice floor with his legs.
  9. I actually don't trust sony anymore Burkhead could easily come in and start taking lots more work. I kind of lead Boyd, he is the man now and they are going to need to throw. Wilson is also intriguing.
  10. HTF is humphries on waivers. Get him/play him, he is more consistent and have been like a top 12 WR in ppr since week 8 I believe (heard it on the radio).
  11. I have a similar choice as well, but I think that it has to be Ryan. He has way more weapons and Green Bay can also put up points, should be a high scoring game. Allen's been great, but the jets won't really force the issue I think, could be a sloppy game. Please help with mine.
  12. I am not sure who Cleveland plays but I would go Godwin who will be in a shoot out, watch the weather though could be 20 mph winds and downpour. Please help with mine.
  13. I would NOT drop Fitz, hes actually been solid the last like 6/7 games although td dependent. Now kirk is out this could mean even more targets.
  14. Agreed with the above fitz is the play. Kirk being out gives him evem more catches.
  15. Yes, denver. But no shame in holding 2/3 def for a 4th string rb
  16. I would pick a kicker on a good throwing off, playing a terrible team, in good weather or a dome.
  17. So your not even starting these dudes. I would pick up a handcuff like Edmunds, you will never play Conley.
  18. Yeah gm cant do that its a fair move. Would not rejoin this league, but inwould def rather start kittle.
  19. Well green bay should be 20 degrees, ryan is used to warm domes. Winston has to play in a rain storm with 18-20 mph winds. I would go with ryan, good weapons and green bay defmade rosen look capable.
  20. Wait you actually start these guys, if not i would get Jeffrey as a stash he gets red zone targets and i see him doing better.
  21. Agreed sit gus, game could be a shoot out and we could see dixon.