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  1. Lets just hope the lions win and johnson does well, that won't provoke a change at the trade deadline. I think they have a GREAT shot versus the terrible giants. This lions team should be at least a 4 win team. Arizona and Green Bay should have been wins.
  2. Also Snap Counts are telling: Ty Johnson : 49/79 Mckissic: 19/79 I am still going for ty johnson but fear a fa signing.
  3. I agree that he is a rb1 without johnson, problem is Johnson is still there and makes chase td dependent. #1 handcuff, emergency flex, not much more and I own him.
  4. Yup, saw the play tbh it didn't look that bad, but who knows.
  5. Yeah jacobs didnt come back out but has not been ruled out its a shoulder injury. TBH it didn't look that bad, but who knows.
  6. I don't think its serious because he didn't go in right away and waited until the drive is over. Hes my only rb so FML too.
  7. jacobs to locker room looks like shoulder, but doesn't seem that serious.
  8. Could be speculating, but did jacobs hurt his shoulder after that 45 yard run?
  9. I am and owner full disclosure. However, its not like reid is going to change (up-tempo) and their schedule is competitive the next 3 weeks and at 5-2, they are still vulnerable in the division. So you have matt moore who came a noncompetitive game with no time practicing with the first team on a short week and still targeted kelce 4 times.Tyreke has to be respected with safety help. This will lead to kelce getting tons of catches and targets underneath. I see a lot of 9-13 catch games and double digit target games from moore. TLDR: Kelce is going to start getting a monster amount of catches and will still be a top 3 TE difference maker. I see a ERTZ 2018 stat lines coming in.
  10. Why would you start a kicker against a team that would likely be way up in points and force Denver to abandon fgs, DUH. You did this to yourself.
  11. It was a sleeve, but he def had a really bad limp.
  12. Just showed him giving a post game speech, he was limping REALLY badly. He will for SURE be out until the bye IMO.
  13. Thats what im saying he was target 4 times when moor came in and they were up by like 21 and running out the clock. Denver gave up and even started running when there was like 14 minutes left and not even in the hurry up. Yeah not a huge game, but hes gonna be a ppr beast.
  14. He has had 4 targets since moore came in the game and they are up 27 for a while, running the entire game. He will be just fine with moore in, yeah tds will be tough but I see a lot of 10 for 112 games in competitive games.
  15. Punishment for not getting that 2 pt conversion and Freeman looks pretty great.
  16. not really tbh got 3 targets since he has been out in a blow out. TD down for sure, but i see him having ertz like ppr value.
  17. I think he should still be okay in full ppr. Tyreek and all the other wrs, big trouble. IMO
  18. Chase Edmunds, Ty Montgomery, Gio Benard missing.
  19. Thats what im thinking the guy to add/have isnt drake, but mark Walton.
  20. Must add in case drake gets traded?
  21. Yeah not sure what this is all about but everyone is attributing the raiders success to jacobs. He has been an absolute stud and front runner for offensive roy.