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  1. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Showcase chubb for the first 3-6 games and see what kind of offers you can get. Dorsey loves to trade anyway. I definitely think its a long shot for sure but what else is there to talk about in February? lol
  2. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Well, Id rather have the better RB but who knows, its the browns
  3. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    It'll be interesting to see how their RB situation shakes out. Who knows, they could end up trading Chubb
  4. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Pitt should just cut him and move on. This whole situation is one giant distraction for the organization.
  5. Tevin Coleman 2019 Outlook

    Makes more sense than Bell going there.
  6. Odell Beckham Jr. 2019 Outlook

    I was close.
  7. 2019 Fantasy Football Platform Discussion

    YEah same here. And they have to have a phone app
  8. Pick 3 Keepers. 12 Team/PPR

    Is it 2RB and FLEX?
  9. Pick 3 Keepers. 12 Team/PPR

    Whats the roster construction? you can do conner / kamara / mixon But depending on what happens kamara is a must. and i think mixon is too.
  10. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    What you are forgetting is that Oakland is stupid. I can see them pursuing brown
  11. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Damn autocorrect! It keeps separating wreck and less
  12. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Good amount of times dui is reduced to wreckless driving
  13. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Also not a good look when searching for a team to trade for you.
  14. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Popped for wreck less driving. Dont these guys have the loot for Uber's?