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  1. There was also one with Lesean McCoy in a snow game. Something like 300 yards total.
  2. I probably wouldnt pick in DFS but normal yearly leagues id start unless its a bye then id think about it.
  3. i think you asked this earlier. Yes you should do this.
  4. "You can make the perfectly rational decision to make a move for another TE who's not completely useless." If you arent advocating for trading him, are you advocating cutting? Edit: ah hold. Yeah that was my plan. I just dont like rostering 2 TEs usually
  5. You said pass then said that Gordon was better value with AB out...Which side are you for?
  6. I get more value than if the player had two straight weeks of trash.
  7. I mean yeah if he gets 0s every week but theres bound to be a good game eventually. Try and sell high-ish there.
  8. Id rather hold than sell. That would be a dumb move. What would you get for him now?
  9. Still only 2 games into the season. Not panic mode yet
  10. I think OJ is a better receiving threat than previous arians Tes
  11. Im looking for any positives after a goose egg 🤣
  12. Can you elaborate? You think david moore is a threat to lockett?