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  1. Montgomery is an absolute beast. If you think otherwise you need to get your eyes checked
  2. Ridley such a great route runner and great hands. Him and Julio are a nasty duo
  3. Lol small and slow.... I’m assuming he just looked at his 40 time.
  4. What’s all the fuss in here about? Godwin played a great game and got lots of fantasy points. Isn’t that what we care about? Lol.
  5. Weak? that's a lazy take... the guy is 187 lbs and benched press 225 17 times at the combine. He's known to be tough after the catch. Sounds like to me a perfect fit for KC offense: "Smooth ball-tracker bringing it in over his shoulder. Combines speed/quickness to uncover on all three levels. Bouncy leaper. Wiggle to elude first tackle and speed to house it. Tough runner with ball in his hands. Explosive punt-return potential, averaging a little over 20 yards per return this year. Offers gunner value on punt cover."
  6. lol... I was echoing the stupid comments from before by other members... was meant to be a sarcastic post.
  7. So if the guy isn't dancing around the line and doing Madden spin moves he is a guy who just gets what blocked... he's a JAG with opportunity... How about a guy who gets positive yards? if you think this guy has shown his full potential then your wrong. Even after a strong rookie debut there is people doubting his ability lol.
  8. Didn't quite catch the sarcasm did you? Lol
  9. His combine numbers were pedestrian! He’s a JAG... God people swear they know talent on here lol.
  10. Yeah it is an overreaction. Plenty of great players under perform. It happens. Whether it’s in week 1, mid season or whenever. But people need instant validation since it’s the first game and have no patience. Kelce last year in week 1 scored like 5 points. It was over reaction city, everyone calling him a bust. The next week he has a monster game and narrative changes.