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  1. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    they are playing the chargers
  2. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Same exact thing happen to me. Just needed one more catch after his second touchdown to win
  3. Yeah if scrub Eli doesn’t under throw him he’s walking into the end zone for 60 yard td
  4. Literally lost because Odell couldn’t reel in one more reception after he caught his second touchdown
  5. Lmao I finally get the catch and it’s a hold.
  6. Missed on a slant... this would be a brutal loss if he doesn’t give me one more catch
  7. I literally just need one reception from obj to win. Down by less than one point
  8. This the kind of crap I’m talking about... obj smokes the DB and is wide open and Eli under throws him. That’s an easy touchdown.
  9. That happens to players all the time. He got open and and then he slipped... you really going to criticize him for that play? Lol
  10. Hes been feeding him but that doesn’t take away from the fact he’s terrible. Obj gets open at will and that helps Eli Manning, but Eli is as inconsistent as there is.
  11. Hopkins has Deshaun Watson. Mobile qb who can extend plays and has a good arm. Eli Manning is a sitting duck in the pocket with no o line.. obj regardless has put up historic numbers. Imagine what he’d do with a qb like Watson who can run out of the pocket and extend plays
  12. Obj more explosive. Dude can take a 7 yard slant to the house at any time... route running is just as good and hands.
  13. OBJ is the best wr in the league... he just has a crappy qb. Imagine him with an elite guy back there throwing him the ball.
  14. Man how good is George kittle though. Talent wise he’s up there with the best. Next year he’s going to be drafted in the mid rounds with Garropolo returning.
  15. Obj looked like was lined up and no one covering him