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  1. ^^ -- people who rely on the analysis of others will always be a step behind those willing to analyze themselves. Voit was being criminally slept on coming into the year, his ADP was a joke when you project a full season of at bats hitting cleanup in that lineup.
  2. For me, its close but I'm leaning VOIT. Chapman's 11% K-Rate is a MASSIVE dip from the rest of his career. If you are a believer of that improvement, then I'd say Chapman all the way. I'm not sure it sticks though. I can see Chapman hitting a rough stretch and bringing that K% up to around 18-20% which is still a massive improvement on his historical numbers. And I am basing this on absolutely nothing. Honestly I had Chapman as a darkhorse MVP candidate going into the year, so him finishing as a top-10 fantasy player wouldn't surprise me. Voit, on the other hand, has endured a month long "rough stretch" already which he batted .225 and his numbers are still elite without much advanced metrics hinting towards a regression. Obviously when the yanks are healthy he should put up even better numbers.
  3. Burdi notched his second W of the year after pitching a perfect 9th with 2K’s to send the game to extras. 7.2 IP, 15 K’s to 1BB with a sub 1 WHIP and his era is under 4 now after the bad outings vs the cards
  4. Burdi pitched a scoreless 7th inning with a K in a tie game today. Pirates didn't even f--- around and put Kela in, insteads went straight to Vasquez for the 8th-9th. Looks like Burdi will continue to get more high leverage situations going forward if he continues to pitch well and Kela may be falling out of favor due to his lackluster outings.
  5. If anyone wants to see the dude pitch here is a link to the statcast search showing his swings and misses:
  6. Another IP with 2 K's last night (Rizzo and Schwarber) for Burdi. Currently 4.2IP with 10K's sending his FIP even lower to -.55 One of only 10 pitchers in MLB with a SwStr% >20% Josh Hader's K-BB% = 48.0% Nick Burdi's K-BB% = 47.4%
  7. Didn't get off to the start I was hoping. didn't invest a lot other than my team name "Welcome to the JungHo" so i have no issue cutting bait. dropped for goodrum.
  8. As a White Sox fan, I have no issues with Don Cooper. IMO he has a good track record of getting the most out of pitchers but I don't think anyone could coach up the garbage they currently have on their pitching staff. Its not his fault all their prospects get TJS on their way through the minors
  9. Small sample size, sure I will give you that. But its extremely tough to say what a guy should be based of a short minor league career that included TJS. My eyes tell me he has a good chance of being a 12+ k/9 guy and his situation is such that he will get utilized as much as possible through the end of May due to him being a rule 5 pick. If he continues missing bats like he has been, he will be a valuable arm in a bullpen that is looking for someone to step up.
  10. Nick Burdi has a 19.64 K/9 and a -.47 FIP and a .571 BABIP against. Don't let the ERA fool ya
  11. Despite giving up the lead I am still lovin the kid. He gave up a very weak infield single to lead off the 8th inning, mowed the next two guys down with nasty sliders, then threw a wild pitch and gave up a double down the line that was fair by maybe a foot before getting yanked. All 5 outs he has recorded this year have been by the K and he has no walks.
  12. I probably reached on him in round 11 of my 16tm league as my 5th OF but I am still a big believer in the talent and his approach at the plate. I will hold and make due at least through the first month to see what happens with him.
  13. Struck out the side in the 8th today. Looked pretty filthy. He will get used just by virtue of his status as a rule 5 pick. He is healthy at the moment, and the bucs are forced to roster him through the end of may. My money is on him sticking around if he continues to pitch like he has been.
  14. Nick Burdi on PIT was a rule 5 pick that will need to stay up with the club at least through May if they want to retain him. He has looked really good in the spring and is a couple years removed from TJS. Throws upper 97+ with a hard slider. Probably starts the season in middle relief but could rack up K's and wind up in higher leverage situations down the road if he sticks. 13:3 K:BB in 9.1 spring innings with a sub-2 ERA
  15. But why would anyone believe it was for any other reason to begin with? The service time loophole is certainly no mystery to anyone who follows baseball. And it stands to reason that management can't state publicly they are minipulating service time, so what do you expect?