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  1. What are the chances it gets reduced to 10-15 games?
  2. Link to settings doesn't work for me? Also I wouldnt be able to draft until 9pm central or later tomorrow night not sure if thats an issue or not
  3. 7 moves allowed per week? Change that to 4 or 5 max and we are in. 7 way too many
  4. Me and my friend both want to join... please send email jeffdenningjr@gmail.com cubbiegal25@aol.com
  5. interested please send email jeffdenningjr@gmail.com
  6. Oberg to the DL with blood clot. Wade Davis the pickup here?
  7. Lowe back in the lineup and hits a bomb. This kid is legit!
  8. He’s fine it wasn’t bad. Might miss a game or 2 tops if that