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  1. Not eligible to return until next season. I guess if you have a keeper league pick up at the end of the season.
  2. Not seeing a lot of love for this guy this week. Giants are ranked 27th against TE's so far but I think that's an aberration. They were horrible against TE's last year and I expect Watson to have a huge game this week. Think this guy is going to be gold this week in daily and to anyone looking to stream a TE. He is currently 60% owned in yahoo but that's up 16% over the past day. Go out and reap the benefits this week in a TE wasteland.
  3. Just watched the game. Tyrod doesn't elicit a ton of confidence as he resorts to his legs as his backup plan more so than dump offs. The overall usage in terms of snap count is good though. Of those back to back drops the 2nd one was really all on Njoku. First one touched his fingertips making it an unlikely catch. Bad weather didn't help either. I'm not expecting much out of him this week based on the matchup and how good New Orleans was last year against TEs. Wouldn't be surprised if more people send him to the waiver wire after this week but for those who just lost a TE I think he will turn into a good option as the season progresses regardless of who is at QB.
  4. I agree but it's a guarantee he won't sit out the whole year so he can get rid of that franchise tag. Once week 11 hits I'm grabbing my popcorn because this is only going to get crazier.
  5. They had CP84 back to return both punts and kickoffs during game 3 of the preseason. He'll get some punt returns in during the year despite not be listed as primary punt returner. What percentage is just a guess though.
  6. They have 8 WR rostered right now and only 2 RB (Aaron Jones doesn't count against the 53). They're likely to get rid of 1 WR but word is they were trying to trade Trevor Davis. For people hoping for a Cobb trade or cut that's pretty unlikely to happen (Cobb can also be emergency RB) although it's still possible I guess.
  7. They said MRI today but who knows when they'll tell us the results.
  8. Definitely worth a flier in deeper leagues with return yardage. They had him back for kickoff and punt returns which could pay huge dividends especially if he has even a modest role in the passing game. During the Carolina game he was targeted by Brady a good percentage of the time when he was on the field. The problem is he didn't have too many plays with the first string offense.
  9. I think it would be at the behest of the courts to push the NFL to abide by a fair arbitration process or they could be seeing more cases in the future. Has nothing to do with Goodell's power to suspend but the fact that the arbitration process needs to play out in a kosher fashion before he decides to mete judgement.
  10. If your league is 12+ teams I view him as a hold right now. He should be at the bottom of your bench. I'm more pessimistic about him now than earlier in the year. If CJA goes down I see him only getting a slight uptick in usage while Booker takes on most of CJA's snaps. The upside isn't looking like it's gonna be there but there really isn't anything on the wire left. I may consider dropping him for Woodhead in my PPR leagues in 3 weeks.
  11. For anyone on the fence about dropping Cohen due to advice from some in this thread my answer is to ignore them. Some bad fantasy advice has been given. Cohen wasn't used nearly as much as he was in the previous games especially as a wideout which has given him much of his value. When Cohen was on the field though the Bear's put together drives which ended in TD's which didn't happen when he wasn't on the field. We have 3 games where Cohen was heavily utilized and one where he isn't. For those using this game as your deciding factor on Cohen's value, I think your analysis is flawed.
  12. If I'm getting Gurley then yes I take it. If I'm the Gurley owner then I respectfully say no.
  13. If the trade offer is out there already then I'd take Diggs and whatever else was added on. Consider yourself lucky to get that in return for Parker and don't get too greedy.