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  1. I see. Lots of rules to your league, so both surprised and sorry to hear you couldn't keep up with the outside world that wanted in.
  2. Read the constitution... team link takes me to a "you cannot access this..." message
  3. I'll take on Cool Runnings. Mike -
  4. What site do you run on, chief? Sorry, I see. Fantrax. Further investigation warrants my disinterest though.
  5. I'm interested. Are both still available?
  6. Wait, what? Why would you not PM me with that news, Doc? That was the sole reason I passed.
  7. Also interested. Also love deep dynasty leagues. Thanks
  8. I am interested. Quite an idea to find owners and then establish rules. Mike -
  9. Hahaha... was interested until I realized Pirates is the team I left last season!
  10. Thanks but not a fan of any type of auctions, whether draft or free-agency. I have been playing fantasy sports for about 20 years and have run them before also, but on ESPN. I only discovered Fantrax in the middle of the 2017 baseball season.
  11. Where are the fantasy hockey money leagues? Do I have to start my own? I am looking for a Fantrax league w/minors. Get at me if you got one. Heck, get at me if you're looking for the same thing and maybe we can start our own next season.