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  1. Can't missed games be managed by sitting the player in roto? If there are max games for positions, players that will only play 60 games have more value in roto don't they?
  2. Also, no discussion on available players! Good luck everyone
  3. You can have my spot, I prefer H2H. Good luck! I'll be judging your team the most :ninja: Edit: WTF, did they get rid of the ninja emoji? Edit 2: If it's okay with everyone else..... :ninja:
  4. Traded up for him in a keeper league. Sent a bunch of mid rounds to that team that needed depth and am excited to have him as a long-time keeper
  5. It may be hard to find because the words aren't a metric for games played. Also because it doesn't matter that much I guess?
  6. There are no concrete numbers with these terms. That's why the terms are used. If you really want to, take 100 players and 5 times they have been tagged as "questionable". See how many times they play.
  7. Expectations ROS? Wondering if his value will decrease after the team is fully healthy. I'm talking about around weeks 17+ when there could be a healthy milsap, Barton, Harris to have Denver at full force. An efficient 14-6 with threes as his floor? He should have already solidified an important role with his recent play right? Barton always gets his..
  8. That made me laugh out loud I'm soft punting points, though am only rostering 1 C at the moment. FAAB league so I can't really spend the money on streaming. It's nice to get 6 rebounds and with potential to get multi-block games from a SF eligible player. He's really valuable to my team at the moment if he keeps up his big man counting stats (and <1 TO).
  9. ESPN isn't showing me any stats, all - - - - - - - ... So nervous
  10. His strong two-man game with jokic is enough for me to not worth about his touches. Just gotta go with the flow of the game, those two can fully expose most matchups. The vicious cycle.. Less touches on offense should lead to more focus on defense, which is the best for transition offense.. hopefully beneficial for him. Just be excited that the pace of today's NBA is turbocharged
  11. He's already got 20 minutes at the half.. Thibs indeed
  12. I didn't see the game tonight, but in the smallest sample size ever, we have: Towns with 26.2, Teague with 26.1, and Rose with 24.1 for usage rate. Taj and Wiggins each with 16. It'll be pretty interesting how Thibs will integrate both Saric and Covington, he pretty much has 7 starters. Wonder how long it will take for him (if ever) to slash Rose's and Taj's minutes
  13. I guess not a lot of love for him, that's okay. I'd love to see more 20-10 games but I'm more interested in an increase of stocks and threes. He's sitting at 1.8-0.8-0.8, which is nice, but if he can consistently get 2-1-1 instead of some zeros here and there, I'd be much more at ease
  14. It's an option to shop him to a punt points team if they have someone you like, if you're worried about his scoring. 1-xx-5-6-1.5-0.8 is really valuable to punt point teams, especially his blocks from a guard.
  15. Too lazy to find splits, but what concerns me is that Rose is a hero player now with more confidence and is on a roll. Taking away Teague's minutes are okay for the most part, but taking his ball handling and usage is the problem. Guess we just have to hope for the best and for Teague to stay healthy
  16. He's still 14-8-2 with 1-1-1, though with horrid efficiency, those numbers are still usable. Forget about what you paid for him, that way it softens the blow of his garbage games. At least he's getting minutes
  17. My problem with him is that he lacks threes AND blocks, with historically weak FT. Though the FT could improve this year.. Last year as I recall he fared well as a help defender, but wasn't a good rim protector. I don't see that changing. Also, with all the faster, hero-ball, iso guards, he got burned defending on switches. But I guess I can't complain for the price I got him - off the wire. The points, rebounds and assists are nice, but if he could up his FT to 75% whilst maintaining his 1.5 steals, he could be a valuable glue guy for teams stacked in threes or blocks. Also wish he would get C already
  18. Now I'm the first one to say, "exercise patience", and I know it's the first week.. but man, I don't know about his situation right now. Should be a clear path to minutes / production, but I don't have the patience for 16 mpg.
  19. Had to watch it again, and when I did, I noticed the Steven Segal impression on Barton on that OREB
  20. I mean, I don't know if it's a trend, it's literally up and down. Baccarat players wouldn't think twice about betting on the over for this year
  21. The good thing is that early in the season the FA gems shine and if we dislike our late fliers we can find something else. Maybe not in deep deep leagues, but in my 14-team leagues there are at least 4-5 bigs on my watch list
  22. Wondering who are the best amongst the worst: Nance Noel Len M Robinson Harrell Bam Hernangomez Right now I have Robinson from the draft but it seems like he's the bottom of the barrel with talks of him practicing in the G league, and Knox looking good. And Fizdale. Wondering who should I grab, I'm leaning to Len or Nance out of the bunch. I also have Poeltl, but I'd like to see how it plays out with him. Leave a link, good advice gets good advice..
  23. Also that he's reckless on the defensive end and racks up the fouls. Even if he's healthy, and improving, it's hard to gain momentum in a game if he fouls early. It's nice to see him increasing his range and shooting threes, and with Collins and Dedmon out for a few games we can really see what he's worked on in the off-season
  24. Wonder if/when ESPN will add C to his eligibility. It always takes quite a while for some players to get positions added. I have my reservations on him: - has missed at least 16 games in every season he's played - Lue said "he got worn down" by the big bruisers ( Embiid, Dwight ) last season Now I haven't watched a whole lot of him, so correct me if I'm wrong. I know he's athletic and such, but can he contribute to more categories? Threes, assists, blocks, FT all seem weak, but that doesn't mean he can't improve in those areas. Not asking for an uptick in everything, but just wondering what the chances are for him to work in a few more assists or knock down his FT a bit more this year.