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  1. Sorry this was intentional. There are no FA. You need to acquire players via waiver.
  2. Need 1 more. I posted a seperate thread advertising that. 11/12 paid. Feel free to bump that
  3. Leave an email and I'll send invites to last spot. Everyone else has paid. NO Kickers or D/ST. Rosters are: QB RB RB WR WR WR TE Flex Flex Payouts: 1st - $1,300 2nd - $600 3rd - $200 Most Regular Season Points - $300
  4. Sent Invites to both. You both have the final two spots. Accept the ESPN invite and pay leaguesafe if not you will be replaced. Over sending invites out to have people just not accept it.
  5. Sending now. 8/12 paid. I will I’ll be replacing unpaid owners around noon est.
  6. Need one, maybe two. 7/12 paid. Looking to get this squared away before tomorrow.