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  1. Assume that is your updated roster in the sig? I like Allen as a WR2 but Thomas is a beast. You have the depth to roll with Michel and gordon at flex, BUT, I do have some concers with NE matchups. I probably would do it though. You can alternate one flex spot as needed. THomas is an elite talent. see mine please
  2. Trying to block the mixon owner I don't think this is a bad idea. I still think Mixon plays, but it never hurts to grab bernard because you know what he can do if mixon is out. After last week, I would drop Fitz...by no means an auto start. You seen the floor. I feel confident enough to roll with Luck week in and week out. see mien please http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734524-what-about-this-trade-whir/
  3. Blockbuster Trade with Gurley, Brown and Co

    Man dont like the change to your wrs but getting gurley is sooooo worth it. I say go for it
  4. 10 man PPR Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX, TE Roster now QB - Wentz, Big Ben RB - Gurley, Conner, K Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Coleman, Doug Martin, Dalvin Cook WR - D Adams, Djax, Sutton, Gordon, John Brown TE - Ertz I am 10-0. At this point I want to look to locking up some of my handcuffs...mainly Gurley. A guy in my league desperately needs a RB and has been sending Sanders to me as an option. Thoughts on any of these trades? 1. Send Peterson (or Coleman) and Djax...get Sanders 2. Send Peterson (or Coleman, Djax, John Brown....get Sanders and Lat Murray Thoughts?
  5. Nick Chubb or Aaron Jones for Mike Evans? WHIR

    I would sell high on Jones...keep Chubb.
  6. J. Brown for J. Howard

    I am buying John Brown for ROS. I think that schedule (at least on paper) looks enticing. Still some questions who will be at QB, but I want no part of Howard
  7. I would drop Brown. Hopefully the rushing yards can help you out and the offsense looks poised to produce in the 2nd half.
  8. 10 man PPR Sitting at 10-0 Start QB/ 2RB/ 2WR/ TE/ 2FLEX Asked to send Cook and Coleman...would get Sanders and Ridley. Not feeling it and will decline. Anyone see a RB I should offer up for Sanders directly? or roll with what I have? Roster now QB - Big Ben, Wentz RB - Gurley, Conner, Peterson, K. Johnson, Coleman, Cook, Martin WR - D Adams, Gordon, Sutton, Djax, John Brown TE - Ertz HIS team QB - Mahomes, Newton RB - Ingram, Aaron Jones, Lat Murray, Jalen Richard, Jamaal Williams, Mike Davis WR - Hilton, Tyrell Williams, Boyd, Ridley, Sanders TE - Kelce
  9. Please Help Improve This Team - WHIR

    I wouldnt modify anything Any losses going forward are just bad luck
  10. Roster Advice Playoff run WHIR

    Only glaring need is qb. But...if fitz keeps it all year you are set. Also would consider shopping baldwin but return will be pennies on the $
  11. How would you rank these WR ROS?

    Ridley fitz mvs
  12. 10 man PPR Start QB/ 2RB/ 2WR/ TE/ 2FLEX Roster QB - Ben, Wentz RB - Gurley, Conner, T Coleman, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Dalvin Cook, Kerryon Johnson WR - D Adams, Josh Gordon, John Brown, DeSean Jackson, Courtland Sutton TE - Ertz Sitting at 9-0. Recently traded off Trey Burton for John Brown (figured take the chance on Brown's playoff schedule) Anyone see any other changes? Worth trying to package AP and Gordon for an upgraded WR2? Not sure who... Otherwise I can drop someone for any of the following: Valdes-Scantling, Duke Johnson Jr Any suggestions appreciated and WHIR
  13. 3-1 Trade For Elliot WHIR

    I would prefer to keep what you have and look for a wr. Chubb should have some solid games
  14. Drop Ben? Whir

    Bump bump
  15. Drop Ben? Whir

    6 point passing TD My Qbs are Wentz and Big Ben. He has a rough matchup vs Baltimore this weekend. Fitzpatrick is available on waivers but i am skeptical as Ben has games againt NE and NO for weeks 15 and 16. I am sitting at 8 and 0 so should make playoffs Thoughts? Whir