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  1. 10 man PPR Asked to send conner for gronk. I already have ertz but could play gronk in a flex. My concern is gronk looks meh now a days
  2. RB help...WHIR

  3. Pick 2 RBs to start - WHIR

    Sticking with dj and mixon Love mixon this week
  4. B. Cooks or T. Coleman .5ppr WHIR

    Coleman for the touches
  5. Who to start at WR & Flex? WHIR

    Locket for big plays Enuwa and lets hope not an anderson week Last one is hard but going for cooper for upside
  6. Wr2 help. Whir

    10 man ppr Need to start one of these as wr2 Josh gordon Chester rogers Keke Coutee Or drop one for Chris Godwin Taylor Gabriel Chris Hogan
  7. Trade help....he wants Bell

    Try the bell and funchess trade but honestly I probably just hit accept now to get CMac and Cooks. It isn't a bad trade at all.
  8. 10 man PPR Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX, TE Roster now QB - Wentz, Big Ben RB - Gurley, Conner, D. Freeman, Coleman, Peterson, Collins, K. Johnson WR - D. Adams, Allison, Coutee, Gordon TE - Ertz, Burton Any suggestions what to try and move to upgrade at WR? I could maybe consider Gordon and Peterson as some have shown interest.
  9. My CHI Defese for A.Jones/K.Johnson and T.Boyd

    Lot of folks to bring in and you would need to drop Meh... Unleas u have the bench space i wouldnt bother
  10. Drop a WR...WHIR

    10 man PPR My WRs are really the weak point of my team: D. Adams, Josh Gordon, Agholor, Coutee, Allison I need to drop one. Question, is which one. Leaning Agholor
  11. I would stick with Conner. Bell is no sure thing and as most know, Ben likes Conner and wants him involved. I would however consider dropping Henry for clement or smallwood....preferably clement.
  12. Pick up dropped K. Drake? WHIR 100%

    I would use it for him. I don't expect much in the line of breakouts unless things change close to the trade deadline or injury. see mine please
  13. I would make DJ and Coleman my starters. Then decide between Howard and Mixon. I love the matchup Howard has, but I tend to lean towards sitting him. Nice decision to have. see mine please
  14. Shepherd for me. Granted he has Eli, but Engram is out and he is healthy. see mine please