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  1. I think i would go with hyde. Chiefs cant handle the run. Colts beat them up last week by just running the ball. And marlon mack killed it thanks for help on mine
  2. Witten. Dont trust hunter this week. Esp if the chargers dont need him much.
  3. Im going with minshew over both of them this week.
  4. Another vote for fitz. I think he will have a good game. Im thinking of starting murray instead of lamar. I just have a feeling about this game. Thanks for help on mine
  5. I would roll with murray if kamara sits. Peterson is high risk high reward. Dont know how that will pan out. Could flop. So cooks would be my second choice. Thanks for help on mine
  6. I have devonta freeman as my flex. Should i throw terry in instead??
  7. Just afraid murray will be limited by coaching and kicking fg’s and all kinda dumb stuff rather than being unleashed
  8. Kyler is in a nice situation i think this week. Lamar has been slumping a little and no hollywood brown. What do u guys think?
  9. Is he a must add in case gurley sits??? I really dont need him. But i have a drop. Hardman
  10. Hes so thirsty for a win he might bite on something. He has no QB And the rest of his team is trash.
  11. 10 team ppr. Im 5-0. The 0-5 owner wants depth. my team is lamar jackson chris carson melvin gordon kupp davante adams kelce devonta freeman david montgomery will fuller mclaurin auden tate kyler murray i would send melvin kyler murray and mclaurin who i been playing without anyway for mccafrey! No brainer??
  12. I need a rb. Wr. And flex out of mg3, devonta freeman, david montgomery, and will fuller, mecole hardman, and terry mclaurin. ppr league. Who should i start?
  13. LoL its hard to let go of a player when they win you weeks. Hardman won me like 2 weeks. But its business!!! If he doesnt bounce back hes gone!
  14. I just pickes up auden tate as john ross went down. Should i drop him instead?
  15. Never been a fan. Dont have much confidence in him whatsoever. i have adams, kupp, mclaurin, hardman. if i drop him i would stash herndon to back up kelce. Would i regret just dropping him?
  16. Think i could net a decent receiver for freeman after?
  17. Maybe upgrade your handcuff to jaylen samuels also instead of mattison. Connor is hobbled a little and samuels will be lit if he goes down