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  1. Allen Robinson is still in a decent spot this week. It’s obviously terrible that trubisky is back. As for lattimore, not worried about him at all. Arob runs half his routes out of the slot and lattimore doesn’t cover the slot. He’s already done fine against beast dBs this year.
  2. Darnold for sure. His schedule after this week is as easy as it gets. And he has a lot of weapons in Anderson, crowder, Herndon , bell, Montgomery
  3. Not sure what to make of this. Most likely setting up a backup plan in case their workhorse goes down. Since he has been injured already. But the full practice means he’s good to go
  4. Give - mcaff get- Henry and Golladay half ppr
  5. Either make it Ekeler and Ridley or Sutton or just pick up Winston and cousins they both have a lot of very easy matchups coming up
  6. Could easily keep all those guys. Pick up Winston and cousins. Cousins next couple games are cake matchups and they’re starting to use their super talented wr core. And then Winstons schedule from week 9 on is as good as it gets.
  7. Sutton’s solid so far with a brutal schedule. Sanders is looking like a souped up janes white which one for my flex ROS
  8. Bump. Gotta either deny or accept this thing today. Need some valuable input
  9. True. But sanders opportunities are more significant than people talk about. Between runs and targets here are his numbers sanders- 13,14,17,11,14,6 Sutton- 8,7,7,9,7,8
  10. Sutton’s a big, talented wr1 on a s---y passing team. So far he’s been putting up solid production but has a brutal schedule going forward. Sanders is a super dynamic rb2 on a legitimate offense. It’s just tough because he’s sharing the backfield with Howard and doesn’t get goal line looks. which one helps me win ROS???
  11. I give - miles sanders I get- Courtland Sutton half ppr my other wrs- a rob, fitz, m will, crowder
  12. Which guy do I roll out? half ppr.
  13. I traded for them. They have consistently been scoring so many more points than any other defense. They have a cake schedule all season for the most part. I’d keep that Positional advantage.
  14. Hardman has way more upside this week. Bounce back game with hill and Watkins both questionable