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  1. Houston currently looks like the best defense when taking cost into account. I really like them this year. I generally just stream, but I’m really going to try and get the Texans D/ST on a few of my rosters. Their schedule certainly isn’t a cakewalk (especially early) but I still think they will be a top 5 unit for the season.
  2. I don’t even like him in the 15th. 😜
  3. Considering that the two guys in front of him on the depth chart both suck, why not? But then again, I don’t foresee any RB on the Bucs’ roster to do much in terms of fantasy performance to go along with the 3 legitimate pass catching threats they currently have. They’re not going to score 35 points per game, guys.
  4. PPR monster. With Gronk gone, Brady will be looking his way more than ever IMO.
  5. Bucs fan here. This guy sucks. But so does Barber. Our entire running game is a joke. The Bucs unarguably have 3 fantasy worthy pass catchers in Evans, Godwin and Howard. How the F does anyone think that they’re going to end up with anything close to an RB1 in addition to that? This isn’t the Greatest Show on Turf 1999-2001 Rams we’re talking about here. No. It’s the Bucs who just had the 5th pick in the draft and are likely to still be picking in the top 10 next year. You’d have to be awfully desperate at RB to even consider rostering either of the bums in this backfield no matter where they are getting drafted. You’re not locked into drafting a RB in any particular round either so this BS of “name another RB you would specifically draft in round X” is immaterial.
  6. He’s not going to see another regular season start in 2019, my dudes. The only tiny chance he plays again this year are if the Rays make it to the postseason and that’s a big IF with the way the bullpen is pitching right now.
  7. The last year that Maddon managed the Rays they actually led the entire major leagues in pinch hit plate appearances. 😉
  8. Cash doesn’t give a single F about anybody’s fantasy team, least of all mine. All he cares about is winning and no other manager has done more with less in the last 12 months. If you’re feverishly holding onto a Rays reliever in the hopes that he becomes “the guy” the rest of the way, just drop or trade him now. Castillo is insanely streaky. Pagan frankly isn’t that good. Alvarado is out until September. The rest of the pen are matchup/JAGs. Just save (pun intended) yourself the headache and move on.
  9. People don’t draft rookie QBs in the 4th round in redraft leagues though. Ever.
  10. Wish they would have just given him an extra 10 days off via an IL stint as soon as the ASB ended. He’s been downright abysmal for over two months.
  11. Heath Hembree gets the save for Boston today. Anything to see here?
  12. I have no reason to suspect otherwise.
  13. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like most folks have Arenado a few spots too low. He’s just so damn consistent that I think he should most definitely be in the top 5. I know he doesn’t run, but he gives you so much help in the other 4 categories and probably has the highest floor of anyone besides Trout.
  14. The demotion was strictly for two reasons: 1- Service time manipulation. 2- Having an extra arm in the pen until his next scheduled start because the Rays’ relievers are overworked and fatigued due to Cash’s overuse of using openers 2-3 times a week.