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  1. WEEK 16 - ALL GAMES THREAD 12/23!

    Sure hope dwill gets back in there or my hopes at a 3peat are down the drain
  2. Mike Davis 2018 Outlook

    I read Penny is likely to not play. I’m strongly considering flexing him over pettis or foster for his ppr floor.
  3. Damien Williams 2018 Outlook

    I figured it would have been around 16-17 ppr but then again we all know these profections don’t mean anything anyways.
  4. Sit mack and I dont think its close
  5. PPR- Allen, Juju, Diggs

    Id roll with diggs over the 3 since hes the healthiest
  6. PICK 2!!!!!

    DWill for sure and then I would probably lean carson slightly over Mack.
  7. CJ Anderson or Isiah McKenzie?

  8. Who am I putting in the blank slot?

  9. Flex. WHIR 100%

    Mcguire is safest but Foster is the higher upside play.
  10. I like dwill over both chubb and mixon. Chubb over Mixon.
  11. Start Jamaal Williams over Gurley?

    Id go Williams because even if Gurley suits up he will be limited or get pulled early. Williams should put ip solid rb2 numbers.
  12. Pick my D/ST. Miami or Cle? WHIR!

  13. Earlier in the week I was thinking I was a big underdog but with DWill looking like a solid play now and Gurley possibly out I think Ive got a decent shot. Looking at this matchup, which 2 should I start (this is assuming Gurley is out and CJA would get the start). My roster: QB- Ryan RB- Kamara RB- Damien Williams WR- Diggs WR- ? Flex- David Johnson Flex- ? TE- Gronk D- Tenn K- Lutz Bench: Foster, Pettis, CJA, Hogan, Ware Oponent: QB- Mahomes RB- Gurley RB- Henry WR- Hill WR- Evans Flex- Ballage Flex- Baldwin TE- Ian Thomas D- Cle K- Butker If gurley is out he could play any of the following: Golliday, Gus, Mccoy, Fitz
  14. Dwill ahead of mack easily and id put him ahead of cook as well.