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  1. No way. I prefer both kamara and evans.
  2. Diggs/Sanders for A Brown? WHIR

    There is one team for sure that probably has a better roster than I do so I feel like I need to give some depth and make my starting lineup stronger. I also more faab remaining than about everyone which could come in handy for pickups down the stretch. We only have 5 bench spots so this move also frees me up a roster spot which is nice.
  3. Diggs/Sanders for A Brown? WHIR

    He’s in must win mode so he isn’t even going to consider gordon being on bye
  4. Def doyle
  5. Lockett vs Brown

    It’s close but id go brown since he gets more targets
  6. Diggs/Sanders for A Brown? WHIR

    I understand I would be better off offering less and I will try but I doubt he bites. Should I move both diggs and sanders if thats what it take or not?
  7. Trade help whir

    Take that and run
  8. Too much of a gamble since you are fighting for playoffs.
  9. Any other qbs on waiver wire? If not, pull the trigger.
  10. Drop Chris Thompson???

    Id rather roster all of those guys over thompson...davis is close
  11. Penny for Cooper

    Ya id do it
  12. Offered Cam and Chubb for Zeke.

    No way, you are fine with big ben.
  13. Diggs/Sanders for A Brown? WHIR

    Hes in must win mode so with gordon on by the only other package I could offer is either sander or diggs packaged with Jones or MVS but I doubt he would bite?
  14. Which RB2 to play this week? WHIR

    Id gamble on adams.
  15. Should this be my final team? WHIR

    Like other said you could try to package sutton with gordon or jones and see if you could get an upgrade. Love both gordon and jones but their QBs will prob make them a little inconsistent.