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  1. His combine was the ultimate killer. I mean Matt Asiata has a better agility score, really Dalvin? This was an all time worst combine showing. Solid back who will likely see a lot of work if he goes in the first round of the real draft. I don't think he is Mixon or McCaffrey.
  2. Overrated IMO. Anyways, he will go in the top 3 rounds of fantasy drafts if he is drafted in the 1st round real life which is almost a lock. Not a zero RB target, that'd be Joe Mixon if he falls to the late rounds and becomes a forgotten man. He'll be locked into a workhorse role and is a solid player. Not extremely excited about his potential but I think he should be able to return 3rd round value if that is where he ends up, just have a feeling it will be more like fringe 1st. P.S. just wait a month and make his pro thread. It will likely get more activity then anyways, this is kind of a dead period.
  3. No problem. If that is the case, there have to be a handful of "trade victims" as well. Overall, just try to see where you can maximize your players trade value. (i.e. trade latavius to mckinnon owner, approach weak QB team about Cam, try to find White/Shepard believers and package late picks, if anyone loves Washington you might want to flip him in case the team signs Lynch or drafts Joe Mixon, McCaffrey, etc.) Good luck!
  4. If you draft Davis or a top RB you have a shot, especially if someone gives you something good for Cam or if you flip shepard + a 2nd for a starter.
  5. It depends on where he goes. I would feel really good about his support system on a team like Dallas who essentially babysat Dez.
  6. It makes sense of putting a good product on the field to contend now but I'm not sure the Browns are doing that. They are essentially going to treat 2017 as another trial year IMO. You can't go too far without a QB.
  7. Stafford/Newton/Crowell/Matthews are a solid core and relatively undervalued players. I rarely use draft picks to be honest but I sometimes enter the offseason with 3 or more. The closer to draft day, the more people pay for picks. They are just trade chips to me most of the time because the hit rate is so low. Particularly 2nd and 3rd rounds picks which are nearly a guarantee to be misses from my experience. I usually trade 2nds and 3rds years in advance of their respective drafts though. People seem to pay much more for a mediocre player and a 2nd than you may think. I think this team is much closer than you may think. What are the starting requirements? What draft picks do you have this year? I used to encourage tanking but now I'm mostly lean towards the other extreme, always contend.
  8. I would like that, yes but I don't think the Browns would do it. They are trying to allocate good cheap talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, not give big money to the Rams castaways.
  9. Newton is a great passer in terms of fantasy numbers. The guy hates check downs. It's his receiving group that kills his value IMO. They invested so much in their receivers and they are some of the worst in the league. Very frustrating and unlikely to change until Benjamin's contract expires. That being said, I'm a firm believer in never selling guys low just because you have depth at that position. Get market value for him and then sell, you aren't getting it from this owner. In a 40 man league with I'm guessing over 12 teams (?) , Newton should have plenty of buyers. You could wait until the season though for an injury or for Cam to go off.
  10. Kelley may not have an outlook in one month. Any back drafted in any round could probably do Kelley's job better than he does. Props for being a fantasy folk hero for a stretch in 2016 but it's over.
  11. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports "it’s doubtful" the Browns give suspended WR Josh Gordon another chance. It falls in line with coach Hue Jackson's stance on Gordon. The Browns are expected to shop Gordon if he gets reinstated, but could ultimately release him. Gordon’s status should be known before OTAs. Sad but I've come to terms with this. There really isn't much point to keeping Gordon around when you're not really trying to compete in 2017 and he's a free agent in 2018. They won't dish out the money to an off the field risk IMO. I want to thank Josh for being the most entertaining and arguably best player since the team came back. As a Josh fantasy owner, however, I'm very excited for his future outlook. He is going to take a 1 year deal on a team with a QB as he won't find a multiyear deal with much guaranteed cash yet. Very mixed emotions. He was truly one of the best, if not the best, at his position when on the field and the Browns have never had a skill player like that in the new era.
  12. Josh in New Orleans? He'd probably have a 400 yard game followed by a 8 year ban.
  13. Hill is a gadget player similar to CPatt. I don't think Fuller is a good player, still young but I'm not seeing any reason to believe he'll be fantasy relevant. I agree on Cobb, he's buried but tied to an elite QB. After the draft, I think Brate will be buried and tied to a non elite QB. He was already the biggest loser of the DJax signing. I think Enunwa has great physical talent and has been good when the QB play was there. I think the Jets draft a QB in the first round this year. The team definitely looks like a rebuild project. It really sucks because a savvy owner would have sold high on Shepard, Rawls, and Murray long ago but the previous owner didn't and you inherited the scraps. Nonetheless, I've seen worse teams rebuilt into contenders, good luck. I'd still try to sell Murray because he is set up for failure in Minnesota, not to mention he has never been that great. Unfortunately, it might be too late for Rawls and Shepard. Their value really bit the dust after free agency.
  14. A pile of crap for Cam Newton? No thanks. The only way I move Newton there is for Enunwa, a QB, and a high 1st.
  15. Oh man, knowing what we know today you gotta go with Allen over Bryant. I wouldn't make that trade for Howard or Ajayi. I'd much rather keep Allen. How's the QB market looking? I think there are a few good ones in this upcoming rookie class who can post Wentz like fantasy numbers.