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  1. Yes. He is an RB1 guranteed volume in the Atlanta Falcons potent offense. I cannot say we have a flawless prospect YET. Joe Mixon- where will he go? If he didn't punch a woman, he'd be a top-20 pick and I'd probably give him the nod over Freeman. However, he did what he did and unless he goes to the Raiders in round 2, I wouldn't give him thought over Freeman. Corey Davis- prolific WR but is he a true blue chipper given his unknown athleticism and small school background? Leonard Fournette- guranteed volume but I honestly don't think he is as talented as freeman and if he goes to a team like the Jets, you can forget mentioning him in the same breath as freeman. Dalvin Cook- again, like Mixon, where will he go? Had a combine that leaves him with no 1st round comps, had major shoulder operations, fumbles often, and has many off the field issues. Christian Mccaffrey- this is the one I feel best about based on what I'm hearing. Yes, he's very small for a workhorse and that poses an injury risk throughout the 16 game season. BUT, if he lands in the top-15/top-20, he's going to get every chance to be a workhorse and has the talent to back it up. In a world where McCaffrey goes to Indy in round 1 and Mixon goes to the raiders in round 2, it may give me pause. Knowing what we know now, I can't say I like any of these guys over freeman. I know the 1.01's value though and I'm confident, as an owner of it in one league, I can get much more than Freeman when rookie fever kicks in.
  2. I think zeke is matt forte esque which is a very good back but he would not be "great" without the guys in front of him. I do agree on the legal troubles though. Elliot now poses a huge suspension risk.
  3. 2017 1.01 This class stinks
  4. Hey at least they've been getting it right on the edge lately. Unfortunately, one of them was a fruitcake but the talent is there.
  5. I think all they really need on offense is RT and of course QB. Defense is a disaster outside of LB but they could even use one more of those. They have some pieces on the defensive line that have potential if they were playing alongside a dominant pass rusher, wonder if there is a dominant edge player at first overall......
  6. If the Browns draft Myles Garrett (next generational pass rusher) with Osweiler/Kessler/some garbage at QB, they can win. Especially considering our talent around QB is much better than anything Denver has/had IMO. I do agree that you don't pass on a franchise signal caller but there are none in this class. We are going to tank again this season & take a look at what's available in 2018. I wonder if the league will consider a lottery system in 2019.
  7. & Denver is happy knowing they can win a Super Bowl with their stud edge rusher and no QB.
  8. Probably the best back in the league on a per snap basis, however, I don't think that will be sustainable. I'm expecting solid RB2 value with the obvious potential to blow the roof off some weeks. He is the biggest RB buy in dynasty, though. It's one or the other that stays in 2018 IMO and I hope they let freeman walk. More realistically though, it is probably coleman that hits the open market. Good for more touches but it is harder to find a better situation than in ATL.
  9. That's dynasty and I don't have a problem with that ranking. He is still a premier dynasty RB talent. In redraft, that would be ridiculous. The Rams haven't done him enough favors to warrant RB4 position in redraft.
  10. Fake news.
  11. Erik Swoope, Kamar Aiken, & Shane Vereen.
  12. I could also see my squad taking him. The Browns are unlikely to pay crow after his walk year and they don't trust duke's size. I think CLE would be a really good spot actually, especially if we address RT. The Vikings OL I'm not quite as high on but Teddy and Bradford will be sure to throw to Mixon a lot, which is a plus I suppose.
  13. Can't see him getting drafted after the 5th round. 1. He isn't fresh off the issue and was still able to play at Oklahoma following the incident. Wasn't like a Crowell type who was dismissed and only put up numbers at a small school. 2. Checks all the boxes outside of the off the field. This violence is unlikely to be a reoccurring issue. Essentially, it's whatever team cares the least about their reputation and the most about winning at all costs. On talent alone, there isn't a team in the league that will have a lower than round 2-3 grade on this guy. If I had to guess, I'd put his sweet spot at rounds 2-4. At that point teams will be thinking along the mindset of "if we don't take him someone else will". I have a gut feeling it will be Dalvin Cook free falling on draft day, not Mixon.
  14. Wow, what a landing spot that would be. Too bad it's Cris Collinsworth and nobody reputable.
  15. Hard to say before the draft but if McCaffrey goes in the first round and to the right team like what I'm hearing (Colts), he should be the 1.01, barring any great landing spot for Davis or Mixon.