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  1. Wow, a prospect's mug shot was used as his picture for his rotoworld profile:
  2. Some of the 3rd round ones might be better than Ebron. If they draft a TE at all, it's bad news for his stock.
  3. Loved prime manning but Brady seemingly got better with age and Manning got worse/less healthy. He cemented his legacy last night.
  4. @Patrick Bateman I have not deleted my cookies recently. It is no issue at my current location but when I get back to my hometown, I am unable to access the forums. I'll give it a shot though when I go back though.
  5. I also have no warning points or anything...
  6. I'm having the same issues. Only in one part of the U.S. though. (I travel often)
  7. As a Browns fan I read all team news carefully. I gotta say that blurb hurt my brain.
  8. Missed you by like 1 minute. Sorry. I'm normally patient and let the offers come in but it's the 4th round, I didn't want to hold things up too much.
  9. Looking to trade out of this pick for a 3rd or 4th next year
  10. I try to avoid Browns not named Josh Gordon for fantasy purposes.My lowest rated landing spot in the league along with Jacksonville.