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  1. I don't understand why Dunbar would be much more than change of pace. Gurley was fairly prolific in college as a receiver relative to the Georgia offense. He looked good in limited passing game action last year. Why would the Rams not throw him in on 3rd down? If part of the predictability of the Rams offense was the fact that Benny Cunningham came in all the time on passing downs, why wouldn't they change that? The case for Gurley to bounce back may be hotly debated but there is no question this guy can play all 3 downs at a high level & should command workhorse volume.
  2. I think the colts are just about destined to draft an RB, making Gore an unsafe investment. They may even be the mystery team that gave McCaffrey a draft guarantee in round 1. If that is the case, it's a career for Gore.
  3. Yes. He is an RB1 guranteed volume in the Atlanta Falcons potent offense. I cannot say we have a flawless prospect YET. Joe Mixon- where will he go? If he didn't punch a woman, he'd be a top-20 pick and I'd probably give him the nod over Freeman. However, he did what he did and unless he goes to the Raiders in round 2, I wouldn't give him thought over Freeman. Corey Davis- prolific WR but is he a true blue chipper given his unknown athleticism and small school background? Leonard Fournette- guranteed volume but I honestly don't think he is as talented as freeman and if he goes to a team like the Jets, you can forget mentioning him in the same breath as freeman. Dalvin Cook- again, like Mixon, where will he go? Had a combine that leaves him with no 1st round comps, had major shoulder operations, fumbles often, and has many off the field issues. Christian Mccaffrey- this is the one I feel best about based on what I'm hearing. Yes, he's very small for a workhorse and that poses an injury risk throughout the 16 game season. BUT, if he lands in the top-15/top-20, he's going to get every chance to be a workhorse and has the talent to back it up. In a world where McCaffrey goes to Indy in round 1 and Mixon goes to the raiders in round 2, it may give me pause. Knowing what we know now, I can't say I like any of these guys over freeman. I know the 1.01's value though and I'm confident, as an owner of it in one league, I can get much more than Freeman when rookie fever kicks in.
  4. I think zeke is matt forte esque which is a very good back but he would not be "great" without the guys in front of him. I do agree on the legal troubles though. Elliot now poses a huge suspension risk.
  5. 2017 1.01 This class stinks
  6. Hey at least they've been getting it right on the edge lately. Unfortunately, one of them was a fruitcake but the talent is there.
  7. This offseason will be perhaps the biggest one in our modern franchise history. Frightening. Anyways here is my layout so I have it somewhere. QB- The Browns should pursue the best QB available in free agency, Tyrod Taylor. If you take a QB in the first round, particularly 1st overall, he is going to get some cash anyways. Why not just sign a veteran version of Watson for a few years? Tyrod's struggles in Buffalo were mainly due to Robert Woods being his #1 WR for most of the year. I think he will be successful with Pryor (or Pryor's replacement), Coleman, and Louis. RB- Duke Johnson is an electrifying passing back with potential for a bigger role. However, it is clear that the coaching staff views him as a role player. Crowell is maintaining the two down pounder role but it wouldn't stun me if the Browns decide to find another back in the late rounds who can do Crowell's job just as good if not better. Regardless, this position is about the least of the team's worries but it wouldn't hurt to add another playmaker here to give the backfield a boost to good to elite levels. Right now it is simply average. WR- As I've said before with the Pryor situation, tag him and let him play out the year. Coleman should take a huge step forward and if that is the case, it will be goodbye Pryor. If Coleman struggles, I think of Pryor as sort of a bridge WR1 if there is such a thing. Regardless, Pryor will be a 29 year old player who relies solely on athleticism by the time 2018 rolls around, I don't envision our stingy front office giving over Marvin Jones or Eric Decker money for that. Especially if a player of his size only comes down with 4 scores again. He too often frustrated in the red zone, getting boxed out by smaller DBs. TE- We have a 3 down TE capable of catching passes when needed. Like running back, it's average but not the root of our problems. We could use a playmaker but consistency from a TE who can even block on running downs is not something to be bashful about. T- Thomas is a franchise LT and future HOF. I have been hard on Cam Erving but he may be a better fit for RT. I did not realize he played a lot of his college snaps at that position. We'll give him a shot with Pasztor on deck as a league average backup. G- Bitonio is an all pro and a lone bright spot on an otherwise weak interior. Greco can be a league average starter. C- Center was a huge issue and needs to be addressed IMO. If we get our QB, we can't have a mess at center again. That is asking for disaster, particularly if it is a young QB. DT- Shelton and Meder will do as interior run stuffers. We spent a first round pick on a one dimensional player. At least he wasn't a complete bust. DE/LB/EDGE- Ogbah will develop into a fine pass rusher and was the only rookie that showed a ton of promise outside of Coleman early in the season. Nassib will be a good rotational pass rusher. Kirksey and Collins are actually two of the bright spots on this defense, I think they have potential to be a top 10 LB duo. Finally, some legitimate stars in the making. CB/S- Haden is a huge problem and he will probably be gone any day now. I do not like the idea of drafting a CB early. There are usually some good ones available in free agency and you can find some later round guys that fit your scheme who could possibly develop into solid starters. I think the CB marker in terms of the draft is just messed up, it seems like anybody who is even an average CB is hyped as a 1st round pick. There is just a high demand. Safety absolutely needs to be addressed, we cannot go through another season with a million different safety combinations, all of which get promptly burnt to a crisp. Free Agency- - Sign Tyrod Taylor depending on the price for his services - Franchise tag Terrell Pryor for the 2017 season unless he wants a reasonable 2-3 year contract with incentive based bonuses, then lock him up - Go after a tackle. There aren't many good ones in the draft. - Resign Poyer for cheap - Go after a CB & cut ties with Joe Haden Draft- Top 3 needs: Edge, S, C - If we keep hiring aggressive coordinators, it is time to get them some help in the form of some legitimate pass rusher(s) to pair with Ogbah. - Safety was a revolving door position, there are some really good ones available. The team could desperately use a reliable center fielder to make sure we aren't the secondary every WR wants to face. - Center was also one big failure this year. Erving is not destined to be a center and although the performance seemingly improved the further down the depth chart we went, it needs to be addressed. Elflein is flying under the radar right now and I will certainly bang the table for him. He is a potential elite center in this league and has versatility if anything goes disastrously wrong elsewhere. Other considerations: - drafting Deshaun Watson, Kizer, or Turbisky. While the only option I like here is Watson, I don't see us going down this avenue anyway. Asking a young QB to go under these laughable centers is not what we want. I think we would have to take Watson first overall and like I said above, I see Watson as a Taylor clone. Why not sign Taylor for a few years instead if you are going to be dealing out a first overall contract to a QB who is exactly like him? - drafting another playmaker. The Browns are in an interesting spot at 12, if any one of Cook/Fournette/Williams falls to them, I would not be surprised if they went for it. The one I would mostly be surprised with would be Williams, unless we let Pryor go. However, drafting WRs in back to back years can be a dangerous feat. Basically, if Cook falls to us I think that he could be a guy that we would pick simply because that is a great value at 12. Thoughts?
  8. I think all they really need on offense is RT and of course QB. Defense is a disaster outside of LB but they could even use one more of those. They have some pieces on the defensive line that have potential if they were playing alongside a dominant pass rusher, wonder if there is a dominant edge player at first overall......
  9. If the Browns draft Myles Garrett (next generational pass rusher) with Osweiler/Kessler/some garbage at QB, they can win. Especially considering our talent around QB is much better than anything Denver has/had IMO. I do agree that you don't pass on a franchise signal caller but there are none in this class. We are going to tank again this season & take a look at what's available in 2018. I wonder if the league will consider a lottery system in 2019.
  10. & Denver is happy knowing they can win a Super Bowl with their stud edge rusher and no QB.
  11. Probably the best back in the league on a per snap basis, however, I don't think that will be sustainable. I'm expecting solid RB2 value with the obvious potential to blow the roof off some weeks. He is the biggest RB buy in dynasty, though. It's one or the other that stays in 2018 IMO and I hope they let freeman walk. More realistically though, it is probably coleman that hits the open market. Good for more touches but it is harder to find a better situation than in ATL.
  12. That's dynasty and I don't have a problem with that ranking. He is still a premier dynasty RB talent. In redraft, that would be ridiculous. The Rams haven't done him enough favors to warrant RB4 position in redraft.
  13. Fake news.
  14. Erik Swoope, Kamar Aiken, & Shane Vereen.
  15. I could also see my squad taking him. The Browns are unlikely to pay crow after his walk year and they don't trust duke's size. I think CLE would be a really good spot actually, especially if we address RT. The Vikings OL I'm not quite as high on but Teddy and Bradford will be sure to throw to Mixon a lot, which is a plus I suppose.
  16. Can't see him getting drafted after the 5th round. 1. He isn't fresh off the issue and was still able to play at Oklahoma following the incident. Wasn't like a Crowell type who was dismissed and only put up numbers at a small school. 2. Checks all the boxes outside of the off the field. This violence is unlikely to be a reoccurring issue. Essentially, it's whatever team cares the least about their reputation and the most about winning at all costs. On talent alone, there isn't a team in the league that will have a lower than round 2-3 grade on this guy. If I had to guess, I'd put his sweet spot at rounds 2-4. At that point teams will be thinking along the mindset of "if we don't take him someone else will". I have a gut feeling it will be Dalvin Cook free falling on draft day, not Mixon.
  17. Wow, what a landing spot that would be. Too bad it's Cris Collinsworth and nobody reputable.
  18. Hard to say before the draft but if McCaffrey goes in the first round and to the right team like what I'm hearing (Colts), he should be the 1.01, barring any great landing spot for Davis or Mixon.
  19. Chris Godwin steal your prom date in high school?
  20. I think McCaffrey has that elite skill set and insane production, it's just a matter of where he goes and if a team will trust him as a bellcow at his size. Corey Davis COULD be elite. If he was able to participate in the combine, he'd be as close to a blue chipper as anyone in this class assuming his combine would have gone as expected. What do you think of those two? (Cook and Fournette will also be top-20 RBs based on volume alone but I don't love either one's skill set) I like the Njoku pick by the way. I think he not only checks all the boxes but looks a lot closer to the next Jimmy Graham than the next Clive Walford. He could be the first TE I reach for in dynasty since Zach Ertz.
  21. I don't see the stud upside but I do think he'll have a role in the league. He catches passes and is very agile. He has the mold of a 3rd down RB. Unfortunately, if he goes to KC where his only competition is an inefficient bowling ball, I think everyone would be all over him.
  22. What do you see with this Kamara character that will make him an NFL stud? He wasn't even productive in college.
  23. I question how much more he'll be than a small school folk hero and special teams/depth WR in the NFL. What validates the hype? He would certainly be behind Thomas, Snead, Ginn / Wallace, Perriman, Campanaro (possibly?) / Cooper, Crabtree, Roberts of the teams you've mentioned.
  24. It wasn't meant to turn into Blount conversation. Just stating the market for a 2 down runner is scarce and job security is non existent. Also, Leveon having no brain has nothing to do with Blount.
  25. It's hard to tell with his tape because the combine did not validate that his production would translate to "any level" like that report says. The combine is important for small school players which is why Corey Davis is being held back from being a true blue chipper. Will he be able to "body up" NFL CBs at 6' 2'' / 198 lbs. That's nearly a certain "no". The funniest part is about route speed variances, the guy runs a 4.62 when he is at his fastest and has poor burst, how is he going to blow by guys. "Believes he can catch any football" that's great but he can't. Poor vert plus not much length= below average catch radius. Lots of holes in that report. I'm glad that you are skeptical.