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  1. Jay Ajayi 2017 Season Outlook

    For different reasons though. You can find a way better 3rd down back than Ajayi. He is a 220 pound big plow even though he has no knees. Is he a particularly good back? No, probably not. Can his body hold up as a bellcow? Until his knees give out. He reminds me of Blount running behind a top 3 OL.
  2. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    Talent: Best RB in the class Situation: unknown offensive line, Gio Bernard may steal passing work I have Joe Mixon fighting McCaffrey for my top rookie RB spot. I think Mixon has RB1 potential right away and is a lock for goal line work, something I question with McCaffrey. When it comes down to it, it's a flip of the coin for me. Mixon just has a certain punch McCaffrey lacks.
  3. Hunter Henry 2017 Season Outlook

    I was impressed as well. He can play all 3 downs and will be a useful piece in the red zone. Between the 20s though, no reason to give it to a horribly and I mean horribly bad athlete when you have Tyrell Williams as a big play waiting to happen.
  4. This offseason will be perhaps the biggest one in our modern franchise history. Frightening. Anyways here is my layout so I have it somewhere. QB- The Browns should pursue the best QB available in free agency, Tyrod Taylor. If you take a QB in the first round, particularly 1st overall, he is going to get some cash anyways. Why not just sign a veteran version of Watson for a few years? Tyrod's struggles in Buffalo were mainly due to Robert Woods being his #1 WR for most of the year. I think he will be successful with Pryor (or Pryor's replacement), Coleman, and Louis. RB- Duke Johnson is an electrifying passing back with potential for a bigger role. However, it is clear that the coaching staff views him as a role player. Crowell is maintaining the two down pounder role but it wouldn't stun me if the Browns decide to find another back in the late rounds who can do Crowell's job just as good if not better. Regardless, this position is about the least of the team's worries but it wouldn't hurt to add another playmaker here to give the backfield a boost to good to elite levels. Right now it is simply average. WR- As I've said before with the Pryor situation, tag him and let him play out the year. Coleman should take a huge step forward and if that is the case, it will be goodbye Pryor. If Coleman struggles, I think of Pryor as sort of a bridge WR1 if there is such a thing. Regardless, Pryor will be a 29 year old player who relies solely on athleticism by the time 2018 rolls around, I don't envision our stingy front office giving over Marvin Jones or Eric Decker money for that. Especially if a player of his size only comes down with 4 scores again. He too often frustrated in the red zone, getting boxed out by smaller DBs. TE- We have a 3 down TE capable of catching passes when needed. Like running back, it's average but not the root of our problems. We could use a playmaker but consistency from a TE who can even block on running downs is not something to be bashful about. T- Thomas is a franchise LT and future HOF. I have been hard on Cam Erving but he may be a better fit for RT. I did not realize he played a lot of his college snaps at that position. We'll give him a shot with Pasztor on deck as a league average backup. G- Bitonio is an all pro and a lone bright spot on an otherwise weak interior. Greco can be a league average starter. C- Center was a huge issue and needs to be addressed IMO. If we get our QB, we can't have a mess at center again. That is asking for disaster, particularly if it is a young QB. DT- Shelton and Meder will do as interior run stuffers. We spent a first round pick on a one dimensional player. At least he wasn't a complete bust. DE/LB/EDGE- Ogbah will develop into a fine pass rusher and was the only rookie that showed a ton of promise outside of Coleman early in the season. Nassib will be a good rotational pass rusher. Kirksey and Collins are actually two of the bright spots on this defense, I think they have potential to be a top 10 LB duo. Finally, some legitimate stars in the making. CB/S- Haden is a huge problem and he will probably be gone any day now. I do not like the idea of drafting a CB early. There are usually some good ones available in free agency and you can find some later round guys that fit your scheme who could possibly develop into solid starters. I think the CB marker in terms of the draft is just messed up, it seems like anybody who is even an average CB is hyped as a 1st round pick. There is just a high demand. Safety absolutely needs to be addressed, we cannot go through another season with a million different safety combinations, all of which get promptly burnt to a crisp. Free Agency- - Sign Tyrod Taylor depending on the price for his services - Franchise tag Terrell Pryor for the 2017 season unless he wants a reasonable 2-3 year contract with incentive based bonuses, then lock him up - Go after a tackle. There aren't many good ones in the draft. - Resign Poyer for cheap - Go after a CB & cut ties with Joe Haden Draft- Top 3 needs: Edge, S, C - If we keep hiring aggressive coordinators, it is time to get them some help in the form of some legitimate pass rusher(s) to pair with Ogbah. - Safety was a revolving door position, there are some really good ones available. The team could desperately use a reliable center fielder to make sure we aren't the secondary every WR wants to face. - Center was also one big failure this year. Erving is not destined to be a center and although the performance seemingly improved the further down the depth chart we went, it needs to be addressed. Elflein is flying under the radar right now and I will certainly bang the table for him. He is a potential elite center in this league and has versatility if anything goes disastrously wrong elsewhere. Other considerations: - drafting Deshaun Watson, Kizer, or Turbisky. While the only option I like here is Watson, I don't see us going down this avenue anyway. Asking a young QB to go under these laughable centers is not what we want. I think we would have to take Watson first overall and like I said above, I see Watson as a Taylor clone. Why not sign Taylor for a few years instead if you are going to be dealing out a first overall contract to a QB who is exactly like him? - drafting another playmaker. The Browns are in an interesting spot at 12, if any one of Cook/Fournette/Williams falls to them, I would not be surprised if they went for it. The one I would mostly be surprised with would be Williams, unless we let Pryor go. However, drafting WRs in back to back years can be a dangerous feat. Basically, if Cook falls to us I think that he could be a guy that we would pick simply because that is a great value at 12. Thoughts?
  5. Eric Decker 2017 Season Outlook

    He was still pretty old but it would have been a nice gesture to pay an all time panther great for what he had done.
  6. Eric Decker 2017 Season Outlook

    Carolina could desperately use him and he might have a shot at double digit TDs there.
  7. Build my Dynasty

    Crow Coleman Crowder
  8. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Just hope the NFLPA crushes Roger and co. in the latest case.
  9. 2 for 1 keeper trade. WHIR

    I'd try the first two but would not do the third.
  10. Trade Question

    Pryor is talented but is already old for a size-speed WR. That being said, he is much better than rookie pick 1.07 for the next 2-3 years. I'd take him.
  11. Alex Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Same story it's always been. Top-25 QB who will never be top-12. Not good enough to get a team a superbowl but not bad enough to find himself without a starting job. I think he plays a full year as the Chiefs QB this year then is shipped out to denver in 2018. Solid QB2 as always.
  12. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    I know rules are rules but this one is puzzling. JG hasn't failed a test in how many years as far as we know? Somehow daryl washington got in. Anyways, I think we can call it a career for josh gordon.
  13. Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Season Outlook

    Getting a better player at 14 than the Bengals got at 9. That's what we call a value. congrats.
  14. Tom Brady - Dynasty League

    I think he's out of the league by year's end. Wentz hasn't proven a thing yet and if he were in this class, I'd still have Mahomes as the QB1.
  15. Curtis Samuel 2017 Season Outlook

    Don't like the tweener prototype. Prefer him at RB but he is not in McCaffrey's league.
  16. Keeper Help Needed WHIR

    He won't fully breakout as long as Ryan Tannehill is his QB. I think he will still give WR3/4 value though.
  17. Broncos' backfield, dynasty

    Booker is my top dog. I'd cut ties with Charles and CJ, I think their best days are in the past.
  18. Tom Brady - Dynasty League

    Mariota --huge break-- Mahomes Wentz Goff Lynch Bortles is unrosterable
  19. Dynasty Trade: PPR

    I'd take it even without Ajayi. You are gaining perhaps the most valuable offseason piece (1.01) and giving up a veteran TE and a QB who may bust or be OK.
  20. Keeper Help Needed WHIR

    Watkins Parker Ware- value based. Hate the player but he could be a trade chip. I like Mathews but I like Taywan Taylor too.
  21. Rookie draft trade help

    I'd keep it. Corey Davis is the best player in this class and I'd need 3 1sts to move him, not two.
  22. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    Yes. Plays 2 downs for the Jags.
  23. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    His value comes with the idea that he is pro ready, so yes. Also, similar to awful kelvin benjamin, he may get the volume to the point where it won't matter how inefficient he is.
  24. Dynasty Standard Scoring: McCaffrey, Cook or Mixon

    Davis is the best player available so I would take him.