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  1. I am interested as long as the league is active .
  2. Will Fuller 2018 Outlook

    Is he a wr2 ros or are we selling ?
  3. IDP Rankings/Talk

    Same thing and now Walker out lmao.
  4. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    Fair enough. I’d take him over Breida, Lindsay, and Conner personally .
  5. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    Oh i'm well aware that i am in trouble lol.
  6. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    If you can name 24 rbs you'd rather have than him ROS I'd be surprised.
  7. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    Tonight actually showed his upside more than the first few weeks. When his team is behind he can get yards in bunches. Everyone wants to say the TD rate is unsustainable, and it is, but the yardage will only go up as this terrible defense keeps giving up points. He's the number 1 overall QB ros and it isn't even close.
  8. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    He's a low floor RB2. I'll take it.
  9. Keenan Allen 2018 Outlook

    He led the team in receiving lol
  10. Calvin Ridley 2018 Outlook

    Worried that Sanu got more targets ?
  11. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    One week wonder is better than no week wonder.
  12. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Schefter says Gordon will play "some" today. That isn't great to hear. With a bum hammy and unsure footing in the offense anything less than full snaps makes him hard to trust.
  13. Keenan Allen 2018 Outlook

    Anyone think mike Williams is the wr1 in this offense?
  14. Good one, I think this was better though.
  15. Calvin Ridley 2018 Outlook

    Correcting. Hardline had a 255 yard game with a td but he finished that year with over 1000.