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  1. Yeah, especially with check down machine Siemian at QB. Ty Mont has talent, just can't stay healthy.
  2. Encouraging that he wasn’t a decoy and escaped without injury. Game script should be a little more favorable going forward. Not worried about his WR2 status.
  3. Some people are so dig in that they can’t admit the obvious. His target share just took a huge hit.
  4. It’s cosmic that AB would be the one to ruin Gordon’s comeback.
  5. And I hear the thunder. Flash train derailed before it left the station.
  6. So the argument is that the games he scored TDs in last year actually weren't good games? The whole discussion stemmed from the statement that Adams didn't have any bad games last year. The point that his yardage totals were low in a couple games is meaningless considering he made up for those with TDs.
  7. So it's going to be the Patriots right?