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  1. Leaguesafe is better known. The money does not go to the commish with leaguesafe. Everyone is responsible for paying directly to LS. If they don't pay by a deadline the commish finds a replacement. It's important to make sure that the commish selects "majority approval" for the league.
  2. Passing Yards (PY) 0.05 I think the normal is .04... did you mean to increase this?
  3. Lopsided or not, unless there is evidence of collusion it should not have been vetoed. One of the points of trading is to try to get a better deal than your trading partner. If there weren't more problems with this situation, the LM (and his trading partner) would be justified in being upset, but than you have to move on. The voting on trades exists for a reason and sometimes it's not used as intended, but it is what it is.
  4. "So let’s straighten this all up first of all. Obviously, everyone can jump in on the blame train and say what they want, but I should at the very least be given the opportunity to say my half." Since you posted this in defense of how you handled the situation, I would offer the following: 1. IF the trade was Gurley/Agholor for Hilton/Evans as you claim, the trade should not have been vetoed. If it was that sucks and shows the ignorance of the other owners. 2. IF you changed any rules or settings after the draft without putting it to a vote, that is a major mistake. 3. Deleting the league without consulting with or even notifying the other owners is self-centered and immature. 4. Not wanting to even try to find a replacement owner or allow the other owners to try to help find a replacement owner is self-centered and immature. 5. As the LM of a league you have a responsibility to be above suspicion. Once the trade was vetoed, you can express your frustration, but then you need to move on for the good of the league. 6. You say one owner dropped out and he says (above) that you dropped him from the league. I don't know why an owner would drop out of a league unless they are 8 years old and having a tantrum or because their is evidence of the league being manipulated by the LM. This is on you no matter how you slice it. Now the question is... Is this a mistake you can learn from or is this how you operate and will continue to operate?
  5. Looks like you are full, but if you have to kick someone let me know...