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  1. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    No, I'm basing it on the fact he played TE in college.
  2. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    Even is Connor is back I still see Samuels being a factor considering they're facing the Saints at home where Brees and Co. are a different team and will most likely be putting up points fast. Highly likely it's a shootout and Pitt may be needing to pass a ton and as we have seen and know, Samuels is just as good if not better than Connor in the receiving skills. Saints run defense is no joke so most likely the game plan is gonna be pass heavy.
  3. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Falcons vs. Cardinals or Tenn. @ Giants?
  4. Start Allen or Goff? (WHIR)

    What I stated was if you're the underdog and need upside then Allen could be the guy for him if he needs to have a big output. Yes, Allen could fall on his face and come back to earth but the facing the Jets at home vs. the Bears on the road are big factors to consider.
  5. Start Allen or Goff? (WHIR)

    Barkley put up 21 pts on these Jets on the road week 10 and I read some stats that that Jets are giving up 20+ points to most of the QB's they've faced. If you're the underdog and need upside, Allen could be the slot machine you're looking for. LA team going to the windy city Vs. the Mack attack causing havoc and Bears coming off embarrassing heartbreak loss to sorry Giants? good luck.
  6. Oh ya? Forgot our league shows that stat in player profile too? Still baffled DH's stat line shows 4 TD's? WTF???
  7. Any way to see what Henry's start percentage was tonight? Any guesses?? 0.001%
  8. Try Jonnu Smith? WHIR

    The emergence of the other TE Firkser is stealing all Jonnu's thunder??
  9. Jameis Winston 2018 Outlook

    Did just this ^ Playing Winston this week and dropped Lamar Jackson for Josh Allen for next week if I make it that far? Want no part of Winston on the road at Ravens!
  10. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    If Ridley does get some run, he may go back into the Belichek doghouse if his case of the fumbles comes back from the Pats RBBC debacle days.
  11. Absolutely. You'll never play Arob with those WR's listed. Too many mouths to feed in Chicago and Samuels is fresh and coming into a great situation. I know Tomlin mentioned RBBC with Ridley but as other have stated, Ridley hasn't even seen the field since week 10? There really hasn't been any info other than Connor is out but even if Connor does come back next week, can he really be trusted? Thanks for your input on mine!
  12. I'd Drop white with it not being PPR. I think Samuel will play a similar role to white in regards to pass catching and I think he'll get goal line work too. The fact that you can plug him into TE slot is a huge bonus too! Thanks for your input on mine.
  13. I like DJ, Ingram and Ware. Thanks for your input on mine.
  14. Cancel Ware Waiver? WHIR

    This league has crazy rules of where we have to roster 4 RB's 5 WR's 2 TE's.... etc. I had to drop a RB for RB and Ingram was the one I would not be playing with Barkley, Connor and Gus as my 2 RB's and Flex. Waivers have cleared now and With the Connor news that he's out I'm gonna be in a pinch but dropped Connor and picked up Samuels who was still available? With this being the playoffs now, it's all or none now! Thanks for your input.