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  1. I would try to submit it and see what happens. I think it will bounce back though cause Flacco will have already played.
  2. I'd start Tate. Peterson isn't going to cover him in the slot and even though Byron Murphy is good, he's still a rookie. Crowder will get targets but he plays NE and it's hard to trust Beasley after last week. Help:
  3. I don't hate the counter offer for you but I definitely wouldn't accept the original offer. Help:
  4. Full point PPR. I just traded for Singletary and he appears to be healthy. I am leaning toward starting him cause he has a great matchup and Miles Sanders hasn't done much except for the TD reception last week. Devin Singletary vs. MIA Miles Sanders @ DAL
  5. Absolutely do either right now. I'd go with the second and drop Davis, but if you don't want to drop him then take the first option. No trust in Hilton. His numbers without Luck are dreadful.
  6. I'm fine with your RBs. I always go WR heavy so I'm biased but I'd rather have the WR depth personally.
  7. Honestly I wouldn't really want either but if there's no one else that you'd want, I'd probably rather have Wilson. Thomas is obviously in a better offense but there are no proven WRs in Miami and they're going to have to use Wilson.
  8. I'd stay put. Your starters are better with Diggs in the mix. Valdez is still a huge question mark and without Diggs you don't have another reliable starting WR.
  9. That's tough. I'm still higher on Williams than others, at least to start the season but it's always felt like he would be faded out. Before it was Thompson, now maybe it's McCoy. I think the season forecast for Johnson should be better than Williams. McCoy is a bigger threat to me than Hyde.
  10. I'd rather have Ingram than Johnson, and that is essentially what this trade is. Pollard will be useless with Zeke playing, and Jones is a shot in the dark. I personally wouldn't do it.
  11. I'd start Seattle over Dallas but I wouldn't drop JAX.