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  1. Jackson currently looks like a guy who will be a really good defender in the NBA.... But KG is a top-10 defensive big man in NBA history.
  2. Im guessing this was after the entire city of Philly crapped their pants when he got hurt right before the playoffs? I gotta believe his critically-timed late injury is going to drive more caution.
  3. This is a guy that I see having a big potential swing in what people will pay. 35$ = people expecting a lock for top-24 value. Im not sure Porter is showing up on peoples radar in that area. Not that I dont believe he can, but it doesnt seem to be the general sentiment. ill thinking it'll be more like 23$ -> 32$.
  4. Intriguing bit about him is how he didnt start playing ball until 15 or so. Track record of some of these types Embiid, Giannis, Siakam is pretty crazy. To put it into perspective they became world class elite talent in only like 5 years after they picked up a ball. I think this guy has way more ceiling than folks think.
  5. Pick 8 really sucks in standard league. Who do you all like from this spot? Im assuming the top 7 are probably a lock. Embiid, Kawhi, George? - i really dont want any at pick 8. The games played risk is so big to burn such a hugh pick on. Lebron, Beal, Butler, Vuc - is this really who im taking with pick 8?? Underwhelming.
  6. This narrative is overblown. IT would come back to Boston in a heartbeat and look back at how Boston handled Jeff Green. Their rep is fine. ADs camp did its best to fan the flames, but amongst most players i dont believe its as bad as everyone portrays it.
  7. With the defensive downgrade horford > kanter I figure Smart will be getting all the mins he can handle. I feel like his defensive impact is as important to winning games as any other weapon on the roster.
  8. Lol did you read the thread from last season? Its basically just Stifle arguing how great Vuc was vs. the rest of the forum for the entire year.
  9. Not considering rookies... Probably Going Up a lot: Vuc, P George, Gallo, BLopez, Heild, Siakam, Favors, Harrell, Brogdon, Fox, Covington, Russell, Warren?? (and Nurk certainly would have ) Probably Going Down a bunch: Simmons, Westbrook, CP3, Draymond, Lebron, Mitchell, Middleton
  10. I really like Bjelica but once Bagley started averaging a full 30+ this guy was disappointingly getting under 10 mins a game. There is a good chance he wont give you any value moving forward. There have to be more reliable options out there.
  11. This rookie class is off the charts. Bagley, Doncic, Young, Ayton, JJJ, Mitchell Robinson, Wendel Carter, Bridges all making significant impact on the fantasy season. Several have been complete game changers.
  12. I certainly don't give the coach a pass here on their season because it has exposed some of his weaknesses, but Haywards situation isn't a Stevens issue or a "Me-First" team issue...he limited by his physical abilities and aggressiveness. There are soooo many possessions where he defers or is too slow. This guys has a green light from everyone in the entire organization to be more assertive if he feels he has it. To throw the blanket statement that the Cs are poorly coached is a reach. Stevens has repeatedly shown he excels turning B level players into A level players, and getting young players to play like seasoned vets. It continues this year with guys Smart, Jaylen and Morris making great strides forward. Kyrie is the first real test of his career co-exisiting with an alpha ego star in the locker room and on the floor. Thats the other side of coaching at the NBA level. He may or may not figure it out and it has looked particularly bad the past few weeks. But part of being a good coach is about being able to get a team out of a bad situation. You cant get the team out until you are actually in it. I think the guy has earned a little leash to try and work through it. Its not like they are going to miss the playoffs. If they finish the season well and make a strong showing in the playoffs it will all "Stevens is the man!!". If not then I will be the first to admit maybe he might not have the necessary NBA skills to integrate a team with true super-egos on it.
  13. Only real issue was shooting %. His usage was there. Missed shots are obviously going to depress points and 3s. I wouldnt base my draft next year on a week where a career 46% shooter shot 37%. I think JB is still a solid a second pick who id be very happy to get in the third.
  14. Honest question....Do Pelicans fans really want to watch AD play now? Personally, if Kyrie requested a trade from Boston he'd be dead to me. I might be bummed out I had already bought tickets, but I'd much rather watch Rozier play his a** off then Kyrie half heartedly dominate the ball.
  15. He is around top 50 per game value. If you can deal with the occasional rest games.... Yes.