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  1. Rudy Gay 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He is around top 50 per game value. If you can deal with the occasional rest games.... Yes.
  2. Note that zscores also range to the negative, so using them compatively 2x like this doesnt really work. However in this case AD is so extreme you arent far off in claiming 2x, but for much lesser players this value measure will be way off.
  3. Id think the players and their dads might also be concerned that a team's front office might make decisions that would set organization back for years.
  4. Id guess this expanded list is Plan B. Plan A was Lakers...but something has snagged there and AD wants to play this year. This means 2 things to me 1. Not going Lakers 2. He probably isnt playing for NO if a trade doesn't happen by Thur. Boston obviously wouldn't be on his list now because that ensures this is a lost year for him. However I wouldn't be surprised if Boston gets added to the list on Friday if nothing happens Thursday. I think Id remain undeterred if I was Ainge.
  5. The NBA are really the owners here and we are talking profits. Blatant tanking screws over other teams potential profits so Lopez situation is something owners would be against. Also tanking is bad for the NBA brand overall. But what owner is going to demand another owner take a huge financial risk? Im sure they would not one day want the tables turned.
  6. AD is worth 100s of millions of dollars to the Pelicans franchise right now.Either as a player or in trade. A major injury and its all gone. Its not exactly the same thing.
  7. Yup, and with a huge trade likely waiting for them in the summer I cant see a single reason why ownership would put AD on the floor again this season and risk losing it all to a crazy injury. This is the team that saw Cousins go from their max contract star to a vet minimum with another team in a heartbeat.
  8. I think it really comes down to what Boston is offering and if AD refuses to commit long term anywhere. Ainge is reportedly not caring if AD commits to resigning. If Tatum and Memphis+Sacramento pick is on the table without a commitment... Im not saying it'd be a done deal, but NO is definitely going to ride this thing into the summer. We can argue back and forth the value of the Lakers young players vs Boston, but once AD hits the roster none of the Lakers picks are going to be particularly good. Even as it stands now both Memphis and Sacramento picks are better.
  9. What would you like me open my eyes to? I am well aware of Stifles opinions on Vuc across multiple seasons and threads and he is generally in the minority. It doesnt support your point at all.
  10. The thing is i dont generally see anyone overrating Vuc. He consistently seems viewed as a 3rd rate asset by most people. Yet the guy is having an MIP, all star level season. You can choose to disregard all this because his contract is up, but they guy is definitely someone who is repeatedly not getting the credit he deserves. Drummond is a different story entirely. Seen by most as a top tier asset. Really isnt.
  11. Playing Minnesota tonight. Been looking forward to this one.
  12. Thibbs Fired: Fantasy Implications

    Thibs had the most bizarre rotations. His man crush on his ex-Bulls players really defied the common perception of many players. I dont think we can really use Thibs rotations as any indication of how a new coach will use the same players. Assuming a completely fresh perspective is brought in....the most interesting fantasy asset has to be Dieng. There isnt any other player player with true season changing fantasy potential if for one reason or another the new coach decides to give him a big role. Most likely Saric and Dieng will simply negate each other, but Dieng with 30+ >> Saric with 30+
  13. Buy low / Sell high 2018-2019

    IDK..sounds taco-ish. Only 3 back to backs left. KD and Kawhi are a wash. Whats left? "first round potential" Oladipo for "pretty much unrosterable" Collison.
  14. Thaddeus Young 2018-2019 outlook

    Thats the thing with a player like Thad. He gives you that top 75 type production as an average. You only reap the benefit if you weather lows to enjoy the highs. 30+ minute Thad has almost always been well above marginal. Folks who just picked him up got the high points for free plus his minutes are trending up and pacers are winning. There is valid reason for excitement here and none of it is coming from anyone thinking this production level is sustainable.
  15. Buy low / Sell high 2018-2019

    I guess the counter to that is that its no secret the Magic have been shopping him for a couple seasons now. If teams weren't interested when he had some time on his contract left why would they be interested now. It's also a much smaller trade market where the Magic are now basically restricted to playoff teams looking to add a rental center at the trade deadline. What teams in the playoff picture would you see adding someone like Vuc? Clippers? Pacers? I honestly have no idea how teams gauge the value of centers like Vuc anymore. They don't really seem in demand. Im not saying a trade wont happen, but im not really sold on the inevitability of it.