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  1. The Mets need all the help they can get. They need talent at every position on the field. Although I wouldn't trade Syndergaard, I wouldn't mind seeing what he could do with a competent managerial staff and ownership. I digress..... Getting Tucker in return would be a nice get for the Mets.
  2. I guess the Astros just hate this kid. I don't know how much more on fire a player can get than Tucker right now.
  3. I was so wrong about this kid. [...] What a season he's having.
  4. Finally! I've been waiting 2 years for this kid to get the call. And he's going to fall right into my lap having the #1 waiver wire slot
  5. Still not available in my yahoo league
  6. I like this move. Would have loved to see Realmuto behind the plate for us, but not for what the asking price was. BVW came to his senses, good for him. I'll take a decent defensive catcher that hit .300 last year over our current catching debacle. Trading for one of the best 2nd baseman in baseball and one of the best closers last year along with signing Familia were bad moves?
  7. I'm banking on this to be as accurate and true as any rumor I've heard since the meetings started,lol.
  8. Ditto. Ottavino was lights out this past season. I was really hoping for him and a quality lefty and our bullpen would be shored up. But I'm okay with Familia. I know what we are getting with him. He's not too shabby as my old man would say. This years winter meetings are so thrilling as a Met's fan compared to the years past with Sandy. Just the mere fact we kick the tires on some talent is an improvement. The fact we are trading/signing them to boot is like Christmas every day this week,haha. Let's go get Realmuto for Nimmo (and some change) and sign Adam Jones and call it a day. I can live with that lineup a lot better than I could with the lineup at season's end. Oh, and add the super utility guy Marwin. Now my Christmas list is finished.
  9. Yeah, that's too rich for my blood when there is other catchers out there we can sign. As much as I'd love to have Realmuto, that a lot to offer.
  10. Well, since my last post was bastardized to not make it funny anymore, my point was contrary to popular belief in this particular thread, it seems to me the Met's are adding talent, which they severely lacked last season. I guess that means a lack of intelligence on their part.
  11. Call me crazy, but I've liked what the Met's have done so far. They needed a closer.They traded for one of the best in baseball. They needed a 2b. They traded for one of the best in baseball. They need a catcher, and they are trying to trade for one of the best catchers in baseball.
  12. I would buy the MLB package just to watch the Cards play if they grab Harper too. That's a fun lineup just to dream about nonetheless a lineup that can actually happen.
  13. Did you get kicked out of a Met's game some time in your life? Or did Keith Hernandez spit a lougee on you and your friend @BlueJaysIn2030? The hate is strong with you two guys, sheesh. Anyway, as a Met's fan, I don't know about other Met's fans, but it sure is nice being in the conversation with high profile talented free agents and or possible trades with very talented players. The Alderson years were brutal. This is a nice change of pace for us. Can you guys at least let us enjoy the offseason before we lose hope when the season starts?
  14. So which is it? Are they or aren't they world series contenders?
  15. I agree. But, I hope, and am praying they aren't relying on him to be the big bat they think he can possibly be. I would much rather them sign someone who can fill that role right now in free agency or a trade. If the Met's are in win now mode, they gotta sign some more bats.