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  1. He's already been mentioned half a dozen times and no one has asked who
  2. Aj Brown. The best receiver in this year's class
  3. Exactly. He couldn't handle sharing a little spotlight with Juju in Pittsburgh. He won't settle for sharing it with a better WR than Juju
  4. That's actually false. Cooper had two great games out of seven. The rest he sucked in. Situations don't compare.
  5. Its not opinion. He's been GBs #1 for three years now. Just because he missed some arbitrary cutoff by three yards doesn't mean teams weren't accounting for him.
  6. .... he didn't sneak up on anyone last year.
  7. He's scored at least 10 tds three years straight. One with Brett Hundlet behind center. Open your eyes; they aren't flukey with this guy.
  8. Amazing how guys will just omit things because they think it makes their case. There wasn't a more consistent receiver maybe ever than what Adams did last year. 15+ points every week at minimum. Hard to top that
  9. Yes. Unless it's a stud; you never sit those.
  10. Maybe. Barkley just made the All-Preseason team so his value is high. He'll outscore TJ, but is dependent on Allen getting hurt. I'd try making the trade
  11. And no one doubted Saquon. He was a Top 7 pick last year. What you going on about?
  12. ..... you do know Hockenson plays TE, right? You know how often rookies TEs dont make an impact, right?
  13. But for why? A rookie tight end on an awful team isn't worth watching.
  14. No data, but Green Bay is pretty dang good at it too.