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  1. Mccarthy had the 30th ranked offense in SF before taking over in GB. I'd say that worked out. Green bay has more talent on the offensive side of the ball than Tennessee does; your "analysis" is lazy
  2. The chargers are just as good, if not better, than the Chiefs. There's going to be constant competition for the division. The possibility of only getting 15 weeks is a distant thought in my mind. We got 16 weeks this year in his historic season; it's not going to get any better than that moving forward. Better than that meaning the outlook for the chiefs isn't any better than what we saw this year
  3. So far all I've seen in this thread is people talking about how big of an advantage he is and where his ADP is going to be next year with no consideration of regression. You're one who's going to chase this year's production at next year's premium price. Have fun with that.
  4. Obvious regression candidate. If his ADP is anywhere inside the first two rounds, I won't touch him.
  5. I thought they drafted CMC with the hopes of Cam taking less of a beating? After how banged up he got again, I have to think the vultured TDs will decrease next season
  6. Feel free to read. His time in McCarthy's "QB School" is documented in there.
  7. 2019 just started, and this might be the dumbest thing I'll read all year. Congrats. There's this thing called preseason where players can show where they are in their development. He was awful, against 3rd stringers, for the first few seasons, and couldn't even stay healthy in his limited snaps. Like the poster below you alluded to, if you're not a packer fan then I don't expect you to know everything GB related. But save your uniformed opinions; this board has a real problem with that. Aaron was awful, had the Tedford stigma coming out, and 23 other teams didn't want to touch him, including Mccarthey whos team passed on him at #1 overall. It's pretty well accepted that had Rodgers been thrust into a starting role immediately like most early round QBs are, he would've busted as he wasn't ready.
  8. You people forget just how bad Rodgers looked his first two years in the league, don't you. McCarthy also got Favre to have one of his best seasons ever.
  9. Weird. He reaps the benefits of the QB he groomed.
  10. 2nd highest winning% during his 11(?) years in green bay. 4 championship games. A super bowl victory. Playoffs 8 years straight. Why wouldn't there be interest?
  11. McCaffrey will play the whole game. Why start him to pull him midway through if you're worried about health
  12. Watson, who routinely beats your experts, loved Williams last week. Those "experts" who get paid are no better than anyone who posts here.
  13. Results show that when Williams is the only back in town, he puts up big numbers. On a better offense, and lindsay looked like crap the two weeks prior while on his way to another dud Monday night, it wasn't that hard of a decision to make.