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  1. My team is my sig (1st one). 20 teamer, half ppr and 2RB/3WR/TE no flex set. I currently sit on 2-0 record and i got no pressing issue. However since Jeffery got knock i have huge downgrade at WR because of my squad’s lack of depth. Also still can’t trust Winston at all. So, i have this offer; Jared Goff, Leonard Fournette and Tyrell Williams for Jameis Winston and Dalvin Cook. I don’t want Cook trade away but feel like my team gonna improve other areas. Also not sure about Fournette. What you guys think?
  2. Team 2 in my sig. Half ppr 2 RB 2 WR 1 Flex. So this is the last week of regular season and i need w for postseason. With Nuk and Diggs wr slots are set. I just can't decide who to start at flex. Options are; - Jarvis Landry: My regular slot guy but huge disappointment - Calvin Ridley: I just keep missing on this guy's big games and rough matchup - Kenyan Drake: Same as Ridley - Isaiah Crowell: Last on my list - Chris Godwin: I think he's a good one as a sleeper this week but can't trust. Hepl me please.
  3. Team in my signature, 3 wide reciever set and 0.5 ppr. I'm gonna start Edelman and Robinson but can't decide 3rd wr. John Ross and Mo Harris have great matchups and should get more opportunities since likes of AJ Green, Crowder and Richardson out. What's your opinions?
  4. What else could you take instead of Tate? I understand your concerns but Kelce is worth much more.
  5. No way. As a Raiders fan i could tell you that don't trust Jon Gruden's words. He said Martin will be lead back but i don't think so.
  6. You don't have to hold 2 tight ends unless starting one of them as a flex. I except Drake's stock to rise, take him.
  7. You definitely must add some WR. If options are these four, i would say move Coleman too. Ingram and Gronk for Conner makes sense too but you don't need rb and te.
  8. I think you will be just fine with Zeke and Mixon so you can afford losing Conner. Mike Thomas better than your recievers and Ridley won't repeat his season openning performances. Do it. Thanks for mine.
  9. Team 2 in my sig. I feel like need some WR depth, would you drop Crowder who seems like injured forever for Fitzgerald? Other options are Snead, Sutton, Tyrell Williams, Moncrief, Sharpe and R. Anderson.
  10. Skins should put up a lot of points so Jordan Reed for me.