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  1. It’ll be longer than that for his one-team league.
  2. No need to rush Gordon back. #30 looks really good out there. Oh wait, that's gold and black.
  3. Pick him up. Matt Brittle's ankle is banged up yet again..
  4. Lindsay is already a Top 10 RB. Imagine if DEN would have used this kid appropriately early on instead of trying to make Freeman a thing. Could be one of the top RBs with more carries. Dude is so explosive when he touches the ball.
  5. This dude's name should be Deuce Burton because he's a giant turd.
  6. Tackle made it a forward progress play before he went out of bounds.
  7. Targets were there and MT13 drew some penalties too. Just a rough night for Brees and the O.
  8. Drafted this guy and held onto him all year, suffering through inconsistent play as a true handcuff. Finally cut bait this week for a bye week fill-in I needed and of course MGIII gets hurt. CSB (Cruel Story Bro)..
  9. I could rack up all these yards myself if they left me as open as Thielen. Terrible coverage on him tonight.
  10. Seems like some of you are forgetting garbage time points are still points. Sorry if you were facing Tevin but points scored in the first minute or final minute count the same and are all part of the dudes fantasy line. ATL is gonna stay a pass first team so the volume isn’t gonna be there. Coleman can still be valuable catching passes though if they call the plays smarter but he’s never gonna be a productive runner with as bad as the O-Line has been and sharing snaps with Ito.
  11. So, that non helmet-to-helmet call is kinda pointless since they didn't get the onside kick anyway...just sayin'.
  12. Really? I find Meghan delightful. Nice positive body image promotion for women.....and then she goes and loses that bass.
  13. I’d almost rather start Tim Burton at this point. You usually count on that guy to deliver an exciting performance.
  14. This is where not having trubisky hurts bears. Mitch would have hit that big hole on the left and ran for the first down.