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  1. He's only ever played in schemes where they make him run the ball. Pre season is pre season. No one really knows what he can do as a starting NFL quarterback. As said by multiple people, the running gives him a safe floor and fantasy QB potential as shown over and over again in the past with running QBs.
  2. They hype of getting a Mike Vic, pre injury RG3, Tim Tebow performance is the reason. He's worth a flier if you have the space. A lot of people are starting to consolidate players and have the room. We are at the point in the season where a lot of the high upside guys have shown what they are made of.
  3. All Aboard!!! Snead probably gets the biggest as he plays the slot and will be easier for Jackson to hit while he scrambles.
  4. He was limited today in practice. All signs pointing to him sitting out on Sunday. *sigh*
  5. That's tough. I have both players in different leagues. Howard for as crap as he has been gets a guaranteed 14ish touches a game and winter weather is coming so more grind out games. Bears offense is also clicking leading to better game script for howard. Drake is gonna boom or bust as he has been all season. Go drake if you you need more points or keep howard if you need a safer floor. Either would be in your flex and wouldnt play them over Kerryon. Something to also consider is Howard is done with his bye.
  6. Winston. Bengals looked awful in their last outing. Bucs are still throwing it. Look for Houston to be more conservative and rely on the run to protect Watson.
  7. Get a WR for sure. I say stay in the flames with Connor. You wont get that much for him and you could potentially get to keep his production. I would move Coleman, Peterson, Collins or a combination of 2 of those rbs for a good WR l. Or go for Landry with one of those backs. He has an amazing schedule.
  8. I don't think you take it. I think you can get a better receiver like a juju or cupp
  9. Hey guys so I'm pretty stacked at WR and weak at rb an te. Would you guys trade any of my wide receivers or just rock them the rest of the season? Part of me just wants to keep them to see how far I can go especially with how injuries have decimated rbs. Line up: Rb: Jameis Winston, Matt Stafford RB: Jordan Howard, TJ Yeldon, Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Wendell Smallwood, Malcom Brown WR: Julio Jones, Adam Theieln, OBJ, John Brown TE: CJ Uzomah DEF: Pats, Broncos Currently 4-3 Thanks,
  10. I would spring more for boyd than Ridley. Defenses will hone in more on Ridley. Boyd could be getting a lot of targets if Aj Green is out. You're also going to have to spend a lot more on ridley than boyd. I'd say 20% ridley, 12-15% on boyd would be the going rate so go a little over if you want them. Someone just dropped Allen Robinson. Currently have 25% on him. What do you guys think?
  11. Fins have been in weird games. They only had the ball for 21 mins and barely had any offensive plays. There were no drives, just TD's. Strong hold.
  12. Espn just updated their projections and have him at 0 if that means anything to anyone :-/
  13. Sit on Funchess. Olsen went out last year and Funchess was Cam's go to. Funchess has the better floor. Anderson has the better ceiling. We don't know Darnold's habits either as to whether he likes throwing to Enunwa or Anderson.
  14. Wait for waivers. Then pick up Dissly or Jesse James after
  15. Just traded for Fournette. Yeldon is on the wire and I am going to pick him up. Just not sure how much to drop. I was thinking 30%? Current rbs are: Howard Fourentte Breida Tevin Coleman Will gladly help in return.