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  1. Even though I'm all about getting the early RBs, I do agree with the OP...WRs are doing a lot better now. With the weak WR season last year, our perception was definitely off.
  2. **** that, I'd rather not help anyone if they're gonna offer me garbage. Just ruin the others' playoff chances haha
  3. Yeah, I don't know about potential RB24 lol. Not even a surefire 24 but potential? Like everyone says, it would be hard to name 20 RBs that would be better than Ingram ROS.
  4. Regarding the full participation in practice.. yes its different this week that he actually got a full practice. Many of us were waiting for weeks to see that full practice status. He was limited all last week but still able to go.. so things are looking optimistic.
  5. [...] Why would you trade a big time player when he's on the low? If you really wanna sell him then wait for an actual game production. The rankings have him around 10-15 this week.. and if he does well his values gonna shoot up way more than it is right now.
  6. He started off being involved in the first drive of the game, scoring a TD. The Chargers were sorta blowing them out by half time and the whole offense played conservatively and they could not sustain any drives. Even Melvin Gordon who started off hot did basically nothing in the 2nd half. Hope it was the game script that kept him not involved in the game and he gets more targets/looks.
  7. Ingram also catches the ball well. Obviously not ideal for the team to be behind in games but it doesn't make him useless in those situations.
  8. Love week 1 of NFL. All the overreaction and loser a** perspective from people that lost their first week.
  9. I don't mind taking a shot at him at the end of the draft for a chance to get Aaron Rodger's 2nd receiver. Its not like you're paying a lot for him. In a lot of leagues you can pick him up for free.
  10. I agree they need to take pressure off Brady with a better run game. We don't even need him to take over the backfield, for him to be fantasy relevant. Pats always have multiple RBs being involved. I would be satisfied if Michel replicates what Dion Lewis did the first year he was on the Pats, before he went down with season ending injury. 622 yards from scrimmage, 4 TD in 7 games before he went down. RB1 (ppr) RB2 (standard) type of numbers on limited touches. Not saying he needs to match the #s, but if he plays a similar role that would be nice.
  11. Those of you with 12th pick who do you find yourself drafting in the 3rd,4th round? For me (Yahoo), there are no RBs on board that I'm 100% confident in. Mixon gets taken right before its my turn and IMO best RB available is Alex Collins. If 2 RBs are available for first two picks, I'd definitely do that but knowing my league, the most I'll get is 1 RB at the start. For RBs in 3rd/4th I'm usually left with a choice of Alex Collins, Jay Ajayi, Kenyan Drake, Derrick Henry, etc.. or maybe even reach for Mark Ingram if I'm desperate. Or do you just go WR until later? Tried going best choice available every pick and always lack RBs.
  12. I'm starting … not with the most confidence but I feel like this is a game you play him or why own him at all.