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  1. Ingram. Taking all the NO RB points is the safer bet
  2. I have this same choice, went with Doyle just because luck throws the ball more than Ryan, and he loves his TEs in the endzone
  3. I'm going with the veterans as well, thanks for the help with mine.
  4. Even with Doyle coming back, Luck knows that we can trust Ebron in the endzone and will be one of his first looks on red zone trips. Red zone trips should be plentiful for Luck today. Mine:
  5. McDonald, because big ben is going to throw 8 TDs today, and whichever SF RB gets the start. Mine:
  6. This was a tough decision for me with the choice matchup for AP, but i'm giving another vote to kerryon. mine:
  7. I'm going with the SF rb if he is playing, such an easy matchup for him. After that go with murray, he will have more volume than your other 2 options.
  8. I was all set to start Baldwin who should be seeing a lot of teez tabor. But I acquired Tate in a trade Saturday and now I’m back and forth on who to start. Help me out please? Also, what are your thought between Luck and Winston? Thanks, WHIR
  9. Keep flip flopping on this decision this week, help me out please, thanks.
  10. Big no from me, bell is not taking over the run game this year. Conner is putting up bell numbers, no need to complicate the offense.
  11. I’d do it, all you give up is a bench spot and you upgrade at flex.
  12. Those are some rough options, but I’ll take any qb facing KC
  13. At rb I have Chubb, Crowell, Ingram, Johnson, drake and Collins (start 2-3) At we I have Adams, sanders, Baldwin, Ridley, demarius and Kirk (start 3-4) Should I dump DJ for Michael Thomas?