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  1. full PPR my RBs are Ingram, Chubb, Ekeler, Gordon, Jones, Conner, Samuels I think I am going Chubb and Ingram definitely Leave a link Thanks
  2. I need to keep 5 There are way too many categories to tell you. the top 10 scorers last year were Greek, KAT, the Brow, Harden, Beal, Curry, Lilliard, King James and Westbrook we start PG, SG, SF, PF, C, UTIL, UTIL 5 bench 2 IR Bold- Are my definite keepers PG - Lilliard, Jrue Holliday, DJ Augustin SG - Hield, Satoransky (PG), Founier SF - PG13, Gallinari (PF), Thaddeus Young (PF) PF - Gordon, Bagley C - Jokic, Boogie
  3. I did just kind of realize I only need to start 2 RBs and for the time being it can be a Chargers RB and 1 of the other guys I have
  4. I would feel great about Wilson. Play him and be happy about it. help?
  5. I would say Williams. Shady is playing but not 100% and the Bills' D is good so i'd avoid Gordon. help?
  6. I would say Godwin too. help?
  7. 8 team keeper. PPR. this is the second year and I did a great job last year building a good team. We kept 8. (my keepers were Gordon, Conner, Chubb, Jones, Hopkins, Allen, Evans, Ingram) we start QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, D/ST, K I am currently 2-1. I lost week 1 when I was struggling with Cam as my QB and Hunter Henry got injured. my team QB - Lamar RB - Ekeler, Conner, Ingram, Chubb, Jones, Gordon WR - Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, McLaurin, Chark, Ridley, AB (his owner dropped him I am just hoping he comes back) TE - Andrews, Waller D - Streaming K - Butker (for now) My RBs are good but I have no stud especially now that Gordon is back. I was really hoping he was going to get traded but not that lucky. here is my RB issue Ekeler/Gordon there goes my workhorses... Chubb is OK but Hunt is going to be there soon, Conner hasn't looked great, Jones looks worse, and Ingram doesn't catch passes. The guy with CMC already told me I can't offer ANYTHING to get him. I was hoping to land Cook but that looks like a no go too. Who else do I target and offer to sure up my RBs. Is McLaurin or Chark the real real deal so I can offer Evans in my deal to get an RB