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  1. 12 team points league. We have one closer spot and 6 “pitcher” spots so we can start as many closers as we want. I’m typically starting 2-3 every week depending on my double starts and starter matchups. I have Yates, Chapman, Shane Greene, and Iglesias. Yates is the #2 pitcher in my league, starter or reliever, but I fear him getting moved at the deadline and ending up a setup or situational reliever instead of a true closer. My team is loaded and 11-1 on the year. My really only weaknesses are SP depth and 1B. Would you hang on to him and just hope he doesn’t get moved or try get an elite starter or 1B back from a team weak at closer?
  2. 12 team Points league. Pretty standard offensive lineups and scoring but pitching we start 7. One RP spot and 6 pitcher spots. We can start as many relievers as we want. This year while everyone else was loading up on double start possibilities in the mid rounds, I just kept taking closers. Got amazing value out of my top starters as well. As of right now I have 5 of the top 7 scoring pitchers in the league with Verlander, Ryu, Strasburg as starters and Yates and Shane Green as closers. I also start Aroldis Chapman every week who is just outside the top 25 in pitcher scoring. Question is do I roll with these guys, or try and sell high on one to upgrade elsewhere. My offense isn’t bad either so not sure if I should try and run this roster to the end. Only positions I’m really weak at are 1B and 2B. Would you roll with what you had or try to upgrade one of the weak spots? C- Contreras 1B - Moreland/Dietrich 2B - McNeil/LeMahieu 3B - Rendon SS - Story OF - Harper OF - Conforto OF - Jimenez/Dietrich U - Justin Turner Thanks for any advice
  3. 12 team H2H points league. Well over a decade with the same crew. Like so many points leagues, starting pitching goes fast and teams fill their entire bench with every starter they can fit. This year I decided I was trying something different and try to get a few top starters, but then instead of getting as many of those middling starters after round 4 or 5, draft a ton of relievers, unless someone dropped value-wise. Our league starts 7 pitchers, one RP spot and 6 P spots so you could start as many relievers as you want. I tried to target relievers with clear paths to a set closer role, since 10 points for saves is what I’m banking on. Also it had the effect of taking some relievers from others in my league that would be using them I feel like my pitching staff top to bottom is as good as any in my league. And I was able to draft a really strong offense(outside of a couple of weak spots). Question is do you guys think this is a viable tactic for the entire season, or should I look to move a reliever to get another established starter? I’ll post my full team for an idea of what I have to work with. I’m currently 3-0 and 2nd in the league in total points(11 points from the top team). C- Wilson Contreras 1B - Mitch Moreland, Miguel Cabrera(waiver watching) 2B - Jeff mcneil 3B - Anthony Rendon SS - Trevor Story OF - Bryce Harper OF - Michael Conforto OF - Eloy Jimenez U - Justin Turner SP - Justin Verlander, Stephen Strasburg, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Sonny Gray, Robbie Ray, Brett Anderson, Ross Stripling RP - Aroldis Chapman, Rasiel Iglesias, Felipe Vazquez, Kirby Yates, Shane Greene,
  4. Yeah he’s worth it. Sure there are risks, but what other bat with his upside are you holding out for? Especially with 3 DL spots, you can stash him and just wait until he comes back and then you have a stud 1B/2B.
  5. In all honesty, I don’t think I’d give much of anything of value for Darvish. As for Eflin or Paddack, I wouldn’t even counter an offer for that deal. He’s been too bad and his success has gotten a little too far in the rear view mirror compared to guys with high upside for this year. Just sit him and hope for the best.
  6. Hes only got 1 start and it’s @ Philadelphia. I grabbed 2 double start candidates in Estrada and Brett Anderson, both face Baltimore and Texas in their 2 starts. Ill probably end up starting both double starts if I don’t start Strasburg since I currently have Ross Stripling in my lineup. Would you start Strasburg over either of those 2?
  7. 12 team H2H points league. C - Willson Contreras 1B - Miguel Cabrera 2B - Jeff Mcneil 3B - Anthony Rendon SS - Trevor Story OF - Bryce Harper OF - Michael Conforto OF - Eloy Jimenez U - Justin Turner Bench Adam Eaton, Luis Urias, Jed Lowrie(IL) SP, Justin Verlander, Strasburg, Robbie Ray, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ross Stripling, Sonny Gray, Ivan Nova, Alex Wood RP - Aroldis Chapman, Rasiel Iglesias, Kirby Yates
  8. Umm I don’t mean this to be mean, but Bradley actually does kind of suck. Since you say he’s in your utility spot, I’m guessing you play in a 3 OF points league. If that’s the case he’s not even worth rostering. I’d absolutely drop him for Tatis, even in a redraft league.
  9. Jimenez seems ready to have a nice career and should be good right away, but Eaton is a really good points league guy and is batting leadoff for the Nats. Who would you start week 1? It’s a long week in my league so could potentially be a big point difference if someone breaks out.
  10. I’d wait and see. Can you keep Ramirez after this season for the 7th round price? Even if he misses half this year that 7th round value is still good. If it were me, unless I hear confirmation he’s out the entire season, I’m probably taking the chance and keeping him, especially if you can keep him after this season.
  11. 12 team H2H points league. Only oddity in our league is we start 7 pitchers, 1 RP spot and 6 P spots so we can use as many relievers as we want. C - Willson Contreras 1B - Miguel Cabrera 2B - Jeff McNeil 3B - Anthony Rendon SS - Trevor Story OF - Michael Conforto OF - Bryce Harper OF - Eloy Jimenez U - Justin Turner Bench - Marwin Gonzalez, Adam Eaton SP - Justin Verlander, Strasburg, Ryu, Robbie Ray, Sonny Gray, Ross Stripling, Alex Wood, Ivan Nova, Stephen Matz RP - Aroldis Chapman, Rasiel Iglesias, Kirby Yates
  12. I’d probably give up trout for 3 top 20-ish caliber players. Basically a trade nobody would actually do. Something along the lines of Atuve, Goldschmidt, Harper, that type of deal I’d consider. When it comes to Trout or Betts-type players, fair value goes out the window. If you want them, you’re gonna have to overpay to get them.
  13. As a pessimistic met fan, I’m going all in on one guy on this team, and it’s Michael Conforto. His breakout was happening in 2017. In just 109 games, he had a .939 ops and 27 HRs. Then he suffered a catastrophic shoulder injury when he tore his posterior capsule in a home plate collision. Then he came back to start the 2018 season. Reports were coming in that he was rushing his way back and would likely struggle. Well he did. In the first half of the season he had a no pop in his bat and hit just 11 HRs and had an ops of just .710 in his first 85 games. The second half was a different story. In 68 games after his shoulder had healed, he hit 17 HRs and had an OPS of .895. Rank the rest how you like but I’m reaching a round or two for Conforto in every draft.
  14. 12 team H2H points league. It’s redraft but we allow 1 keeper we can keep for one season only as long as we drafted them and they’re on our roster the entire season. Trevor Story 17 round Christian Yelich 5th round Lorenzo Cain 9th round So obviously Story is the obvious choice here, but he is one season away from not being very good in points leagues. He was great last year, but that -1 for every K makes me nervous if he regresses like he did in 2017. Would anyone take Yelich, or even Cain or is Story a no brainer here?