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  1. It’s hard to say really, mostert right now for sure. But if Kerryon goes down Ty could be a big deal. If you’re looking for someone this week mostert for sure, if you’re looking for a long term stash maybe Ty is better; I’m still tempted with mostert on the long term as well though
  2. I wouldn’t, you don’t have the RB depth; one RB injury on you’re in potential trouble. You have serviceable WRs
  3. Who are your other keeper candidates? If you already have 3 keepers in mind I wouldn’t bother
  4. completely depends on what you think of Mixon. If you believe he turns it around it’s a good deal, if he continues to stink it sucks. You need to make up your mind about Mixon
  5. 0.5PPR, 0-2 record, team 2 in sig: Give: David Johnson, Mecole Hardman, and Greg Olsen Get: Josh Jacobs, Mike Evans, and Mark Andrews Other notable players are Kerryon, Mixon, and Shady at RB; Amari, Larry Fitz, and Sutton at WR.
  6. Yeah that’s a fair price for Hockenson, I’d do that with your depth
  7. 0.5PPR, 0-2 record Give: LeSean McCoy, Larry Fitzgerald, and Greg Olsen Get: Peyton Barber, Christian Kirk, and Evan Engram Take it or stay put? my other RBs are DJ, Kerryon, Mixon
  8. I’d be surprised if AB plays another snap in the NFL with the allegations coming from multiple women now, I’d pass
  9. Is keep Kirk as well for the long term value, if you’re not going to use Robinson this week and in the next few then it’s not worth holding on to him. Ultimately I’d be tempted to keep them both and just grab a TE off the wire next week. There will be someone there with a decent chance to boom
  10. 0.5PPR, Team 2 in sig: Give: David Johnson and Joe Mixon Get: Zeke Elliott my other backs are Kerryon Johnson, Shady, Penny, and Ty Johnson
  11. 0.5PPR Give: LeSean McCoy, Larry Fitzgerald, Mecole Hardman, and Greg Olsen Get: Peyton Barber, Stefon Diggs, and Evan Engram
  12. I mean we’d really have to know the full keeper implications, but given that you only keep 3 guys it’s worth it, surely you’ll have 3 guys that are decent keepers at year end.
  13. I really don’t mind having that depth at WR in a 3WR league, and also in an Andrews believer so I’d stay put. If you have a need at Rb I’d think about upgrading there in an rb/wr for rb deal