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  1. Sounds like Brendan Rodgers is getting called up.
  2. Justin Davis is active so it might be better to avoid starting any of them.
  3. Rich Hammond (@Rich_Hammond) Tweeted: Todd Gurley is INACTIVE for today, Rams announce. Starter not announced.
  4. I'm starting Kelly if Gurley is out especially with Justin Davis looking like he is going to be out.
  5. Lindsey Thiry (@LindseyThiry) Tweeted: Rams RB Todd Gurley was not present at the open portion of practice on Thursday. Backups CJ Anderson and John Kelly get some reps in.
  6. Which receiver benefits the most if he is out? Washington or Rogers?
  7. Beat reporter for the Panthers think it is probably just a rest day for CMC
  8. I know in my espn league waiver order does not reset in the playoffs so if it is an espn league maybe you got the player instead of him because you were ahead of him on the waiver order.
  10. Article from today. Gurley DNP.
  11. Lol. It's not that he can't get open. Cam is clearly injured and can't throw the ball downfield
  12. With Ty Montgomery a healthy scratch I would go with Dixon.
  13. I would go with Brees even if the weather is good. The Panthers pass defense is awful.
  14. Might start him over Wilson. Worried about the weather in SF. Supposed to be rainy and windy.
  15. Lol Funchess had 3 drops in the first half alone. That's why.
  16. Article says he will probably be ok but it is something to keep an eye on.
  17. Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora "Joe Flacco is dealing with a hip injury, seeking medical opinions. Could require surgery, or prolonged rest, or possibly he could play thru it (though that seems less likely). Ravens have been ramping up Lamar Jackson, anyway. Week 11 seeming more and more like natural transition" Might want to pick him up right now!