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  1. Quietly going to have his best season.
  2. Scherzers better this season then who?
  3. So chances of Reed getting traded seem to be high correct? What about Justin Wilson? Would love to see him go to the Nats
  4. And we can benefit from them having him.
  5. I would gladly take either. i do think washingtons number one priority is addressing bullpen though
  6. Lots of negativity and frustration from owners and rightfully so, let's move forward and hope he can light it up the rest of the way for us. I've owned this guy the last 2 years I'm not giving up on him just yet.
  7. Ideal destination for us owners must be hoston or Dodgers. I'm wondering what his realistic destination will be though. Anywhere has to be better then the Giants at this point
  8. Chances he gets traded?
  9. Another day in the office
  10. No news on him in over a week. Is it safe to drop him?
  11. People can say that start was against a week opponent but try watching the game before you throw shade because the way he turned the switch on last night he could have been in coors with the same result. The movement on his pitches were incredible. He was so collected in that last inning with 2 guys on and no outs. Looked like it didn't even phase him. One mans trash is another guys treasure and I would love to buy the guy lunch who dropped him in my Leauge
  12. A dinger from each side of the plate. I'm so happy I reached for this guy at the sixth round
  13. That curve is ridiculous.
  14. Can this guy get some love? 12-3 with a 2.22ERA, 5th most points scored by starters in my Leauge. Waiver wire pick up of the year?
  15. Damn shame. Top 10 in ERA. Waiver wire gold. Said he felt like he was stabbed on the swing, I'll hold until we hear more but this is a heart breaker