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  1. Please magically come back
  2. STUD. Sell high if you want. I'm gonna ride this thing out. In before it was the Giants
  3. He looked good tonight. Yea it was the Giants. Nothing stellar but he looked good
  4. Don't drink the Kool aid right? He's just sitting there....
  5. Twirling a gem tonight. Can't wait to see what the final stat line looks like
  6. How long does this injury typically last? Droppable?
  7. I just feel the Giants are terrible. Terrible run support, and a horrendous bullpen with the potential loss of melancon. The Pirates aren't to great of a club either.
  8. Anyone ? WHIR
  9. How concerned are Cueto owners at this point? Bad enough he has mediocre run support, the bullpen is horrendous now that Melancons down
  10. Who would you rather own in a points Leauge?
  11. Hell no
  12. Reynolds is a must start grab him before its to late
  13. Is Casillas the closer in oakland?
  14. On paper it looks like I'm on the tail end, but with the way the closer situations are playing out right now, I'm sure I'll be able to grab someone and not have to pay for saves thanks to the Closer threads. I forgot to mapention this guy is a KROD OWNER
  15. Thoughts on Garret Cole rumors? I don't think they should even ponder it until the all star break its still too early. I would imagine it's going to cost us Frazier and one of our farm arms.