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  1. Thanks guys. Why not mookie? Because of his position I'm assuming?
  2. POINTS LEAUGE 10 TEAMS CBS Hey guys I joined a league on very short notice. Drafting Monday and I have pick 3. If Kershaws there the picks obvious but if not who you guys think I should look at? Do you guys have any good pre draft ranks for points leagues? I'm out of the loop coming into the season nut I have experience in points leagues before. Any other advice you guys can give appreciated thanks!
  3. Looking for who to flex in a standard , help please
  4. With reports of 18mph winds in Baltimore tomorrow is anyone looking for other options this week?
  5. I agree with this. A lot or RBs are getting injured early so make sure you keep an eye on the waiver wire for cuffs that will start. Looks like you just ran into bad luck your team looks good
  6. KB also plays verrett and then Norman in the playoffs. Maybe I'm thinking to far ahead
  7. Standard scoring redraft I'm hurting at RB and he's hurting at WR. He wants either T.Y or Kelvin Benjamin. My other WR are Julio and josh Gordon . Who should I trade T.Y or KB?
  8. Standard scoring redraft who wins this trade?
  9. CSB I traded Gurley for AP. I miss the toddfather
  10. Bounce back game in prime time ?! Green Bay run defense looked like the real deal last week but it's still early. He's scored the last 8 games against the pack. Just traded Gurley for AP in a standard redraft hope I made the right choice
  11. Standard scoring
  12. I'm the Gurley owner trying to sell. I just sent a offer to the AP owner as well as the Lamar Miller owner. I don't think the Lamar owner will bite and like my chances of the AP owner. Who wins if the AP deal goes through?
  13. 2 rookies are starting at CB. The rest of the defense seems to be intact from last year. DT said today that he well not underestimate lining up against a rookie.
  14. As I am over analyzing picking my line up before a match up, I love seeing this guy set on my squad. Had a great season with a rookie QB. His targets might go down a bit but I see more red zone opportunitys with the new running game, a more mature Mariota, and if Sharpe can emerge will take attention off Walker. Quiet thread for a stud
  15. Was not a top 5 pick last year like lacy