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  1. Actually he's celebrating his favorite holiday with Josh Gordon
  2. He has the hot and cold streaks but for some reason it's nothing but hot
  3. <------ the guy that benched him in a weekly. You guys are welcome
  4. H2H POINTS!! I am the Estrada and Miller side being offered Santana and Price. Should I take this? We start 2 RP and I already have melancon, Familia, and treinen.
  5. It's early but this will be his career year. .310/35/110. Imagine he had a better line up around him. Stud
  6. We can thank the Giants offense for making it a game in the same inning. This is my first year owning shark but it looks like this is the story of his career. Gets stuck one inning throwing straight meatballs then cruises through the rest.
  7. Agree 100%. I am be lucky to have options at this point of the season. Just went through this with Donaldson not getting burned twice let alone having my early studs already banged up
  8. Going for back treatment on teams off day tommorow. All I heard so far. For the weekly line up lock guys I hate this.
  9. Stanton and hosmer!!
  10. Would appreciate some other opinions, WHIR just send a link!!!
  11. Correct weekly line up lock. Solarte starts 7, Bruce gets 6 with at least 4 of them being righties. I always start my studs but this is what I have to work with
  12. I am looking. I drafted a handful of multi position eligible players my line up is very flexible. Ramirez is starting no question it's not a 2 out of 3 scenario. Bruce scares me with how streaky he's been his entire career. He's obviously in the better line up. I can't choose lol
  13. I second this. Also keep in mind how early in the season it is. It's just a matter of time before someone breaks out that's on the wire, and also when an owner panicks and drops someone in a slump.
  14. My team C- Sal Perez 1b-Miggy 2b- Daniel Murphy 3b- SS- Elvis andrus OF- Zobrist OF-Adam jones OF- Jose Ramirez DH- Freddie freeman bench- 2b/3b solarte OF- jay Bruce OF- melky Cabrera DL- Donaldson this a h2h points league. im thinking about plugging in solarte at 3b, I believe the next 2 weeks he plays 14 straight. On the other hand Bruce is off to a very hot start and I could put Jose Ramirez at 3b and plug Bruce in at of. What would you guys suggest?? HAPPY EASTER!!!
  15. They laughed at me when I reached for him at pick 63. NO RAGRETS