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  1. Definitely encouraged with the usage and being in on 3rd downs. I think the poor play calling will figure itself out, or else they’re going to keep losing games like this
  2. I realize that but he hasn’t been in any of the last 3 offensive series
  3. Got lit up at the end there... any concern he pops up with a concussion mid week a la Sterling Shepard?
  4. Holy smokes you all need to take a deep breath. He got hurt early week 1 and there was a terrible game script this week. It’s TWO WEEKS folks, relax
  5. Yes. Hit accept right now. Bree’s is out for at least 6 weeks, so this is an easy win for you.
  6. Ya I would do this in a heartbeat. Williams is trending down and Mixon should rebound.
  7. Great options, I would go with McLaurin, followed by Metcalf, followed by Ross
  8. Yes I would... I think most weeks you’ll start Wentz over Murray and Sanders is a solid pickup.
  9. I would try to get as much as you can for him. Value will probably only continue to decrease.
  10. Hey y’all, my team is in signature. I’m very deep at WR and very weak at RB. Should I Give: Diggs, Kirk, and Thompson to get: Mixon? thanks WHIR leave a link
  11. 7 targets, not including 2 passes called back for OPI (1 of which was a TD). Also Kirk missed him by about a yard on what could’ve been another TD.
  12. Great points, but Moncrief is likely the last player on your bench and was a 10th+ round pick. We’re not talking about our 4th round pick here. Willing to let it play out and if I’m wrong I lose virtually nothing.
  13. Y’all sleepin. He’s their clear #2, and they’re not going to knock him down the depth chart after only one game where the entire team played terribly. Another game or two like this, then sure, but he’ll get another chance this week. holding
  14. Not sure if this is just an ESPN thing, but it looks like they took away his last 9 yard catch. I’m seeing 4 for 82 as his final stat line.