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  1. Joe Flacco's cadence is annoying. " reeeadddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" What a sloth! he sux
  2. Big 2\3 round bust! Not DWills fault though. The Shady trade totally destroyed DWills playing time feature back role. unplayable especially with Mahomes out for 6 weeks
  3. One of the most inconsistent FF guys around.
  4. Starting Chark this week over Juju and Sutton.
  5. haha...Conveniently they say they will run more....well sure they wil! against MIA. After that they will NEED to pass. im not concerned.
  6. Welp, just sold my last share of DJ for Melvin Gordon in my dynasty league. Good luck all. Had to sell before the multi week out news breaks.
  7. The patriots couldnt afford to keep Watson due to cap reasons. aka antonio Brown $$$
  8. I see why Barkley would need to be in lineups but dont expect much. Jamie Collins all over that.
  9. lol no way pats trade for injured riddled green.