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  1. Classy yes. As always? Hardly. Pats Rarely pay their players. Look at Brady..
  2. Gurley is broken. You don't draft broken people in first round. Rams already said they aint gon pound him this year for health reasons. DND
  3. he was in horrible systems. He will look like a Hall of famer with KC. buy low now while u can. i am
  4. Brady is looking foward to getting the ball to two dominate recievers. Patriots understand they need Gordon as well as NKeal and Edleman to "help" replace Gronk. Brady is optimistic Gordon is available by training camp.
  5. welp..... Welcome back Jamie Collins. you are now relevant again. i like this signing
  6. wrong...pretty sure Hill outproduced Bryant in 2018...
  7. im still taking gordon late in drafts. im in on him till he od's
  8. Likely. If he plays.... Hes slated to get reinstated. plus no more gronk. plus last year he was playing not at 100%.
  9. what? those are players from 2019 class.....
  10. Is this suppose to be a superior draft class compared to 2019's? Who should be the top RB's, WR's ect? Should dynasty owners be trading older good players (ex. Adam Thielen) now for 2020 1st round picks? I thought I heard somewhere that the 2020 Rookie Fantasy draft class is suppose to be stacked with some great talent/ prospects. Is this true?
  11. another RB... insurance\depth pick its clear the pats will be run first this year.