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  1. Oh was actually pretty good today.
  2. Love how the Giants are getting shutout at Coors...
  3. I am going to say one thing though, Giles is the CLOSER but he is on the hottest hot seat in the MLB with legit threats.
  4. not at all... Giles is pitching so he is the closer , i would have been extremely surprised if he wasnt brought in, this is just the 10th
  5. If Giles doesnt pitch the next inning... GILES IS NOT THE CLOSER..
  6. Neris doing his best K-Rod/Rodney impersonation ... makes it out alive somehow..
  7. Dont have a good feeling about this
  8. so much for Vizcaino taking over in Atlanta ....
  9. The only good thing is that this is an easy drop....
  10. 4 weeks ?
  11. Springer with a hammy issue
  12. Am I the only person here who is happy that he will go into the bullpen and become another Devenski/Miller/Betances type. Dodgers definitely need some elite MR.
  13. Combine him with someone like Betances , that is basically Kershaw level K/WHIP/ERA.... coming from waiver wire pickups... which is incredible , odd W/SV here and there too
  14. Please can we stop the contract BS here. I know we are all butthurt but this contract talk is pure BS.
  15. I would think if he struggles again this week, in shallow leagues (8/10 teamers) he would probably be droppable. Maybe even in 12 teamers, depending on whats available on the wire. The price in those cases would be free. In deeper leagues, I am certain if he struggles today, the price would be 25-50 cents on the dollar. So if you really wanted him and couldnt get him in the draft, you are hoping for a bad outing again today.