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  1. do you think he gets sent back to the minors ?
  2. What do you guys think, first overall pick in a punt every category build?
  3. what happened to Parsons? maybe this is good for this prick...
  4. tbh our best hope is jabari getting traded. This is becoming mirotic 2.0
  5. textbook lose every category player ... its painful owning him right now and i would sell him for whatever
  6. king of garbage time perhaps, this bulls team overall is really outrageous, there will be quite a few blowouts... this was a blowout despite the Bulls shooting lights out in the first half
  7. Nah but its fun to overreact. Give him a few games to get going.
  8. I am impressed by his improved FT shooting. He seems like he has a solid work ethic. Obviously he is in an ideal fantasy situation and breakout seems legit! I am going to go out on a limb and say that he will outproduce Aaron Gordon in a standard 9-cat league this year.
  9. brady is going to throw at least 3 more TDs tonight ,,, just because of that celebration, the colts are always pricks