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  1. i feel if you can get 2 out of Cam, Carr, Winston, Rivers, Stafford and Mariota, you should be fine for the year playing matchups while having a loaded lineup. Essentially pickup one QB in the 7th and another QB in the 10th or 11th.
  2. This nationals lineup is ridiculous
  3. This is the time to sell Rodney
  4. Good luck everyone who is playing against him this week
  5. DL stint oncoming from what i can tell, he really shouldnt have started here.
  6. It seems like Houston has been reading the middle relievers thread and figured out that they can combine Peacock and Devenski to get an ace .....
  7. This is another year where there are so many really good zero RB candidates. If you get the top 3 or not, it might be just best to wait till round 6/7 and just load up on the RBs.
  8. the pitching this year....
  9. From what i recall, they traded 2 mid round picks for Ochocinco. There was a lot of hype with the Chad Johnson trade too(not too dissimilar to Cooks right now) and he was being drafted consistently in the 4th and 5th rounds, he was a monumental bust. The expectations were very high with him too, that playing with a great QB and coach will be really good. But it didnt pan out at all. Mind you, it was a completely different story with Randy Moss who also ended being drafted around 4th/5th and returned top 3 value in most leagues. I know I love belichick alot but he has had failed trades, specially in the last 5-6 years. I will probably take the dive on Cooks late 2nd/3rd(cant ignore the potential upside) but i feel Cooks was better off with the Saints overall. Saints offense was way more fantasy friendly as a whole (except for the RBs).
  10. This situation seems somewhat similar to when Randy Moss came over to the Pats. It also seems similar to the Ochocinco trade a few years back too. Essentially if Cooks can learn the offense, the upside is top 5 WR and if he cant learn the offense, he is somewhere in the 40-60 range. High risk High reward. A LOT of this will clear up hopefully in the pre-season games but this is the Pats so look for them not to use Cooks at all in the preseaon... So i am not sure, for those of us who crave upside, Cooks will be a hard pick to stay away from in the 2nd or 3rd. And just for further reference both Randy Moss and Chad Johnson were going 4th/5th round in 2007 and 2011 respectively.
  11. Alright for those of us fortunate with the 1st overall pick, leveon vs David Johnson is going to be a tough one
  12. TJ surgery required ? ....
  13. Brach vs heart of Nationals ..
  14. 60 pitches already for Lynn