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  1. The only thing they(SD Front office) are realizing is that they saved a ton when MG declined their 10 million offer, MG is really not playing anywhere close to deserve that much.
  2. It seems like he is lowering his value further everytime he plays .. this whole sequence of events has been disastrous for his value in real life
  3. "Howard was non-factor despite Jameis Winton throwing it 51 times."
  4. Whats the story on DJ ? Is he still in the game ?
  5. I really wish Tampa traded him away. Such a phenomenal waste of talent. How many years left on his rookie contact ?
  6. I think at this point in the season and with Miami’s bye week, it maybe safe to say Washington’s dysfunction > Miami’s dysfunction/lack of talent... it maybe a close game though but Miami has a very good shot at winning Regardless, I think McLaurin gets his 6-8 targets
  7. Solid WR3. Most teams can probably start someone with more upside at FLEX
  8. Playing real teams or not, this fantasy defense is carrying fantasy teams. They are already close to the amount of points Chicago scored in the whole season. Yeah 2019 Pats D will probably outscore the leading 2018 D in half the games.
  9. With all the offensive line injuries across the league, maybe some team may need a blocking tight end ?
  10. Bunch of Waller owners including myself will be starting this clown
  11. Looked pretty ordinary and definitely rusty...