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  1. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    In standard, my 5 players in the noon games combined for 11 points (Boyd, Mack, White, Reed, NYJ)... thank god Goff, Zeke, Adams, Legatron had my back. 8-2 with 2 game lead on rest of league, lets go
  2. WHIR - Mack and Ghost for TY?

    I could make a run at Alshon instead of TY as well, same owner probably similar value. Btw he proposed that to me after I offered John Brown, Brieda, Ghost for TY.
  3. Thielen and Brown is far too much imo. I like what you said about Goff/Theilen for Gurley altho I dont know if theyll bite. Perhaps Cam/Thielen can get it done?
  4. Sell low on Gronk and Hyde

    This is a big yes. Dont like Hyde's situation in a bad offense with Yeldon and Fournette... Id get rid of him before he loses more value. With Gronk hes having his worst year and each week only lowers his value (saying this as a Gronk fan). There are just too many weapons in NE and hes just not feasting in the rz like in years past. Evans is nice and shores up your weak WR core, making it one of your strengths. You lose Gronk but lets be real Watson probably got you as many points last week as Gronk has scored in any week since Week 1. Also its his back bothering him this time and thats scary, with 3 back surgeries. Help on mine?
  5. You have to pull on that imo
  6. Standard 10 man. Ive got Legatron who had been dropped, havent dropped Ghost yet and figured it would be nice to get some value back. My rbs are Elliot, White, Mack, Brieda, Thompson And my wrs are Hop, Adams, John Brown, Boyd (pulled off a nice trade for Hop 3 weeks in) Really want a less volatile flex player than Brown/Boyd/Brieda... Sitting at 5-2 tied for first.
  7. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    That was brutal. Honestly on the play that made it 2nd and 1 it looked like the reciever (maybe Hooper?) coud've made the first but slid instead. Then false starts on 2nd and 1 and 3rd and 1. And I think if Engram or whoever didn't make the catch that brought them to the 1 on 3rd down then they probably kick the FG and try to onside. Then two failed sneaks. Doesn't help that Elliot got me 3, Brieda got me -1, and Adams was on bye.
  8. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Lost on the Beckham td on the Giant's last play, that sucked
  9. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    Went into MNF down 97-117 in standard. We were the only 4-1 Had Adams and was going against GB defense. Won by 1 on the last play. Overcame Watson's dud
  10. I also agree that dropping Watkins makes the most sense... might be able to snag him next week if he doesnt play or if he has a rough game vs JAX. Id pick the Texans as well. Thanks for helping on mine
  11. Trade - Golladay for Miller. WHIR

    Id pull on it... miller hasnt looked good and id try to get value for him asap and golladay is a nice pick up
  12. Gronk - if he plays you have to roll him out Golladay- wait a week on edelman, and not sure you want 2 NE pass catchers in a game that could get out of hand Help with mine?
  13. Stay put... Evans is a true wr1, cooks will have more off games as part of an offense stacked with weapons Help with mine?
  14. Standard scoring Additionally, would you flex Boyd or John Brown over any of these? WHIR leave a link