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  1. 11/26/2017 Bucs @ Falcons Gameday Thread

    Julio coming up big for me in the CLUTCH!! There he is!
  2. 10 man standard (wr/rb1 flex) Brady Howard, Miller, Morris, Lynch, Lewis Hopkins, Julio, Shepard, Funchess Gronk Team feels like it's good but I'm 4-6 (2nd in scoring but 1st in scoring against) but I should make the playoffs. I've been offered a trade of Hunt for Miller and Lewis or AJ for Julio and Funchess. Should I pull on one of these or possibly both? WHIR
  3. McCoy for Hopkins?

    10 man standard I've got: Brady Shady, Howard, Miller, Lynch, Morris, Lewis Julio, Landry, Shepard, Woods Cook I'm being offered Hopkins, Gronk, Funchess for Shady, Landry, Woods. This is a no brainer, right? Whir