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  1. 11/26/2017 Bucs @ Falcons Gameday Thread

    Julio coming up big for me in the CLUTCH!! There he is!
  2. 10 man standard (wr/rb1 flex) Brady Howard, Miller, Morris, Lynch, Lewis Hopkins, Julio, Shepard, Funchess Gronk Team feels like it's good but I'm 4-6 (2nd in scoring but 1st in scoring against) but I should make the playoffs. I've been offered a trade of Hunt for Miller and Lewis or AJ for Julio and Funchess. Should I pull on one of these or possibly both? WHIR
  3. McCoy for Hopkins?

    10 man standard I've got: Brady Shady, Howard, Miller, Lynch, Morris, Lewis Julio, Landry, Shepard, Woods Cook I'm being offered Hopkins, Gronk, Funchess for Shady, Landry, Woods. This is a no brainer, right? Whir
  4. Make trades or stay put? WHIR

    Team 1 is stacked. I do agree with the above poster that I'd try to package Hyde and maybe fitz for a better wr2. Or hyde/Mariota for a qb improvement if you get any takers. Either way your rbs should take you far. Team 2 is in good shape too, I'd maybe be trying to package coop and gronk for a better wr1 and a lesser te since I'm not too high on gronk this year. But that's all up to you, you can easily stay put. Thanks for helping on mine.
  5. Julio for Elliot?

    12 team standard I give: Julio + Lamar Miller or CJ Anderson I get: Elliot + Watkins My team: Brady Howard, Miller, CJ Julio, Landry, Cobb Kelce Stream Lutz With Hogan, Zay Jones, Shep, Henry, White, Kelley