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  1. Fred Bear, did the League fill and draft already ? I know its late. Auction PPR League sounds good Bear. Larry 702-521-7171
  2. For Team 3, assuming this is a 1 QB League, I would either drop Jimmy G, or DParker. For Team 1, I am a little hesitant to drop Pollard, but I understand wanting Waller. I am high on Him as well. Team 2, I would drop Justice Hill to get Waller.
  3. I just got the news about Ab's release. Williams obviously becomes far more important in the offense for stretching the field. With that said, I am high on Waller this year. Probably roll with Williams Monday, but Definitely Do NOT drop Waller
  4. In a standard League, its definitely Chris Godwin. In a PPR, it might be a wash, although Tennessee's Coaching staff claims they are making Derrick Henry the focal part of Their offense. It what they did in the last third of the season in 2018 carries over, then they may minimize Marriota's passing. I would want to have Tennessee show Me before inserting Humphries into my lineup over Chris Godwin. I really don't see much of a drop off from Mike Evans, to Chris Godwin. I could see Humphries catching a lot of short to intermediate passes this year though.
  5. I would drop Pollard, because Zeke has had a good history of health. Although I could also see dropping Parker, but I want to see if He (Parker) can rise to positive consistency with the new Team. Dallas does claim that they drafted Pollard to play WITH Elliott while He is on the field. Not sure if I can rely on that statement, as they haven't done much 2 RB sets with Zeke on the field in the past couple years, so You would be taking that statement on faith, without having actually seen that in preseason. In a PPR League, I DEFINTELY would not drop Crowder. You said Team 1, Team 2, and Team 3. Not sure if You are asking for 3 different scenarios, or for the same Team ?
  6. This is risky, but I think Waller is going to be significant in that offense
  7. Thanks Sully, I take it that means that the 75 Auction League is already filled, since another League spoke of here is 200 ?
  8. Sully, how many of the 20 Teams make the playoffs ? Do any of the Playoffs Teams have a bye ? What is the auction budget ? Thanks
  9. The would be 12 Owner could not come up with the money, so I have 1 more Team available. 11 of 12 Teams Paid. Message or call Me at 702-521-7171
  10. League is now full, pending a soon to be received payment from a past Team Owner Thanks to Everyone for making this League a Success again !!
  11. I know, it sounds a little sappy. But I really appreciate a forum that has some real knowledgable fans of the NFL.