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  1. Im onboard with a PPR auction draft if drafting/auction on Tuesday. I hope to enter with DST & Kicker., Traditionalist in some ways. And prefer to have deep League, 12 Teams 18 or 19 roster spots, and 11 starters, non IDP. If this materializes, please let Me know. This would likely get 2 entries on my end, as I have a Friend on the East Coast which wants a similar format that We can both enter in. Thanks, Larry. 702-521-7171 Please text
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    Thank You Phat Rat, I did . It was posted about 9 hours ago
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    Thank You BrOkenB. Appreciate Your time
  4. Any help will be appreciated. I dont recall ever having this difficulty in the past. I am trying to delete a post I started in Football League finder service. I can not seem to find the way to delete posting. I made an error. Please help, Larry. Thanks for the help