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  1. His vision isnt good and he goes down on first contact. He's like a poor mans Tevin Coleman.
  2. Dart throw tonight with Harris presumably on Hill? Figure he's due for a bomb.
  3. He'll get his typical volume. Has basically zero TD upside, which makes him annoying, but safe, I guess to start.
  4. The second I bench/drop him he'll blow up. Issue with Howard is he's running routes and playing every down. Playing time is there. Jameis just hasnt looked his way at all this season coupled with Howard looking kinda lethargic in and out of his breaks. Doesnt seem to have much dog in him. His timed speed doesnt match up with his play speed either. Tight end is just so bleak that you pretty much have to hope for the best.
  5. His blocking hasnt been good/half-assed. Just looks to be in a fog.
  6. He's talented, just lazy. Lackadaisical effort it looks like.
  7. Gostowski on thin ice? 2 missed XP's and a missed FG.
  8. Was screwed out of a TD. Also fumbled late- something to keep an eye on.
  9. I think the thing to monitor is if Williams is active or not. Pats move on quickly...Michel looked really bad Sunday night.
  10. OJ has a bit of an aloofness to him and it showed on Sunday. Arians is a no nonsense guy so I could potentially see that as being an issue, especially with a #lunchpail guy Brate also there. I'd monitor it closely tbh.
  11. Graded out as the Worst Week 1 RB performance fwiw. Did have a nice TD called back on a BS hold. Who knows which way Pederson goes.
  12. Is he anything more than what Gilislee was? I mean if you're 0-1 it's gotta be hard to trust him in your lineup in a game you have to win. Worst performance of the week.
  13. Schefter has already insinuated that the Raiders are looking to recoup the 30 mill, and can, by voiding the contract if they can prove conduct detrimental to team. This is like Strike 7 so its possible he's gone. It's also the Raiders so who knows.