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  1. Hi, Im in a 9-cat dynasty league, quite competitive I must say. After 5 years my team consist of players below: Keep 11 players and draft 5 every year PG - Kyle Lowry SG - James Harden G - Cory Joseph SF - Andrew Wiggins PF - Lebron James F - Porzingod C - Gobert UT - Greek Freak UT - D Wade BN - Dinwiddie BN - McBuckets BN - Etwaun Moore BN - Tatum BN - Mike James BN - O Quinn BN - Kennard IL - Knight Last week I traded Boogie for Tatum straight up. Just bored with my lineup. A few weeks back traded Capela for Porzingod Im trying to move Wiggins for someone like Green. Should I hold on to Wiggins?
  2. Ive accepted the trade but have to part away with my 2nd round next year i got his 4th round. I feel bad now after seeing Kirstap performed. Feel like I ripped him off
  3. Id take Draymond anytime. Hes the light version of Giannis.
  4. I would Hold. Both Lillard and Vucevic are still young and servicible for the next 5 years barring any injuries.
  5. Hi guys, Need help, contemplating whether to trade Capela in return for Porzingis. My TOs are basically a goner with Cousins and Harden on my team. I like the fact that Porzingis plays in 30mins +, while Capela in the 20s. Appreciate the help.