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  1. Marlon Mack rank ROS?

    Does he keep putting these numbers up?
  2. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    What do we think Mack is ranked ROS?
  3. I’ve had Kittle all season, picked up Olsen the other week and Graham this week. I certainly don’t need 3 Who should I keep and who should I try and trade away?
  4. Olsen @ Pitt. Kittle vs NYG
  5. Trade Deadline Upcoming

    Wow. You’re team is pretty stacked. I wouldn’t touch anything
  6. Quick Flex help needed.....WHIR

    I’m playing Olsen tonight. Pitt is really bad vs the tight end
  7. Pick 1 QB WHIR

    I really like Wentz this week
  8. Fitzpatrick or Wentz?

    Fitzpatrick vs WAS or Wentz vs Dal?
  9. So I’m currently 5-3, the third seed with the 2nd highest scoring team. I picked up Cook off waivers, so now I have 3 TE’s, looking to deal one and hopefully have Thompson have a good week and try and package him, otherwise I’ll just be dropping him unless he picks things up. But yea, just trying to get a fresh set of eyes on my team, to see what I should improve upon QB- Cousins RB- Kamara Carson Mack Thompson Mack WR- Adams Jones Sanders Boyd Funchess TE- Kittle Cook Olsen K- Lutz DST- Redskins
  10. QB / RB help! WHIR

    Brees and Mosert
  11. Bye Week dilemma WHIR

  12. I just picked up Mack and Smith, just trying to get a reliable rb because my rb2 has been a revolving door QB Cousins RB Kamara Carson Thompson Powell Mack Ito Smith WR J Jones D Adams Sanders Boyd Baldwin TE Kittle Olsen D/ST Chargers
  13. I like Kupp. I think Gilmore will be in Juju
  14. Need to pick a RB and FLEX between Lewis, Burkhead, Ivory, Jeffrey
  15. Juju or Rod Smith? WHIR

  16. Got to sit one...which one?

    I’d sit woods
  17. Mike Davis Vs Dion Lewis? HPPR. WHIR.

  18. Wow, who do I sit? WHIR

  19. PICK MY RBS! WHIR 100%

    Collins Hyde.
  20. Olsen or Graham??? WHIR