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  1. To be fair, if the game was this Sunday I think he plays. Although since it’s a Thursday game and they can give him another 10 days to recover, why not?
  2. πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
  3. Sounds to me he is close to coming back, but him coming back this week seems unreasonable. If anything Shurmur just wants the Vikings to have to game plan for him. Throw them off a bit?
  4. Apparently I missed this, because i have no clue what's even going on. Diggs wants a trade?
  5. I am down 17, they have connor and I have roughly 40 points from Ju-Ju should cover it
  6. Need massive Ju-Ju game, and a bust from connor.... here is hopping for 12-190-3....yeah i probably lost.
  7. I like fuller, since Godwin has been dealing with injury.
  8. Thinking of starting him over D. that crazy talk?
  9. Hopefully they just rest him until the bye week. Make sure that hammy has proper rest, then he can come out and scorche Miami week 7...
  10. Hopefully there is some clarity on the backfield soon. Because THIS πŸ‘†on my bench is going to become beyond confusing..
  11. Out of curiosity what are you planning on offering?