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  1. Need a spot start this week, question in title. Thanks!
  2. I like Smallwood and Gordon...Davis has a tough matchup against Baltimore and Smith, haven't been a McCoy fan all year.
  3. Right now I have Baldwin and Cooper in, but KeKe has been so solid. League is full PPR.
  4. Amari cooper or doug baldwin?

    I have to play both this weekend with Golladay and Hilton out.....
  5. I would most certainly make this trade. Golladay for daysssss
  6. Defense Stream Help!! WHIR 100%

    Sorry, they didn't bold..they are in red now haha IND @ NYJ BUF @ HOU MIA vs. CHI
  7. I have the Jets D this week, because I couldn't find anything on the wire that got me excited. They play Luck at home and I am not sure if I should play any of the below defenses over the jets? This is what's available on the wire now: IND @ NYJ BUF @ HOU MIA vs. CHI
  8. I'm 5-0, what more can I do? (WHIR)

    Stand pat. Thanks for help on mine.
  9. Who to Drop? 100% WHIR

    RSJ...Godderts upside is undeniable. Thanks for help on mine
  10. Weird problem. Going to drop McDonald and can pick up either Winston or Clement. I already have Luck and Stafford (on bye this week), and feel Winston has a far better match up then Luck. Should I take a flyer on Winston this week? Or should I just grab Clement for roster depth? My team is below, let me know which route I should go. Winston has a possibility to go too 10 ROS. Clement has high RB2 upside, with a risk of shady coming back to philly... 12 man PPR Qb- Stafford, Luck RB - Gordon, Michel, Lynch, Kerryon WR - Beckham, Hliton, Golladay, Baldwin, Cooper, Keke TE - Burton K - Zuerlien Def - streamed
  11. Doug Baldwin 2018 Outlook

    I am with you. He is at worst a stash for the next few weeks, especially for after the bye. He burned me this week, he is the sole reason I lost. I am still not going to drop him so he gets picked up by someone else, and get beat by him him again haha
  12. Agholor for Houston. Thanks for the help on mine.
  13. Full PPR I understand the volatility of Cooper, but its not like the Rams can't give Wilson constant pressure all day with that bad O-line. Maybe blinded again by Coopers great week last week and should just go with the slant option in Baldwin. Who do you start?
  14. I am actually in the same exact situation.