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  1. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Someone is playing against Melvin...
  2. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Something feels very off about this report. He has been trending up since last week (could have played if game was sunday) and has now been removed from the injury report, everything seems to indicate this is either coach speak or deception for Baltimore. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but I am not sure I buy the snap count comment. /shrug And to be honest once Gordon's blood and adrenaline gets going, good luck taking him outta the game.
  3. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Nice to see an NFL player that gets it. Fantasy Football market has been huge for the NFL, yet all players and coaches want to ignore it like it doesn't do anything for them and the team. Actually its quite the opposite, the fan base can grow, and you are able to reach outside markets for team attention outside of the city you play. I won't even dive into the amount of money teams, players, and the NFL make off of Fantasy football. All that said, I can understand the childishness of most FF players when players go down, or hoping players get hurt where the respect can be lost. All things equal though, there have been childish fans for decades and they have existed regardless of FF. Also I understand the team needs to focus on the Super Bowl, and make the right moves to do so. Just stop dismissing FF like it does nothing for your franchise or the league. Pretty refreshing take by Gordon on FF, wish it was better received by most players.
  4. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I sincerely hope Conner is just getting healthy at this point. Pittsburgh looked fine with Samuel in there. I mean why put Conner in there at 80%, when you still have a real shot at beating NO, without him. If Samuel didn't preform well last week and Pitt lost, then I would understand rushing him a bit. I just don't feel confident in starting Conner at this point even if he does start.
  5. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    This is what I am hoping. If he didn't preform well yesterday I would fully expect Conner rushed back in there. Although another week rest would benefit Conner and ensure the Steelers have him 100% for the playoffs. Obviously this is what I am hoping for, but who knows, probably just wishful thinking on my part.
  6. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    I am wishful thinking here, but with the Pitt win over the Pats, I really hope they get Conner as close to 100% before the playoffs and roll Samuels through the season.
  7. T.Y. Hilton 2018 Outlook

    We at that 24 hour mark yet?
  8. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I will give you the fact they different circumstances, I guess my point is Fantasy Football is a selfish hobby. People only care about the circumstances that benefit their own team. I don't think anybody truly wishes anybody serious injury (some sick people do), but maybe a player needs another week to get better or gets the flu, everyone has been there. As a benefactor and non-benefactor of the situation.
  9. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Because you Conner owner's were really being optimistic about Bell during the first 10 weeks this year...haha
  10. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    dang it..
  11. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Bro it’s week 15. That’s still 3 weeks left in the season, no one knows for sure how the Chiefs Or Chargers finish out those games. Saying that they “at best get 2nd” in the division is pretty pre-mature. This is the NFL, there are no guarantees, ever.
  12. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Somebody is playing against Gordon this week...
  13. Odell Beckham Jr. 2018 Outlook

    I have the same question. Obviously this sucks for owners this week, but for those on bye do we need to be concerned about this for week 15?
  14. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    What’s the anticipation for this guy? I have a bye first round and would love the TE availability he offers, but if he is nothing more then possibly a week rental and Conner comes back may need to pass. Obviously we don’t have the crystal ball on conners injury, just curious if the hype is still super high for those on bye (i will see myself out)