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  1. You can’t say he used to, when Collins has yet to have a red zone carry. Until it changes, Buck Allen is a 40-60 yard a game back who gets goal line carries. Perfect as a flex/bye week rb
  2. Gets 50-60 yards a game, with goal line carries. I don’t see a problem with him as a bye week fill in. Once again, over reaction is crazy here
  3. How can you call titans coaches idiots for not starting Henry on a NFL team when you can’t start him in your free fantasy football league?? Isn’t a free fantasy league the kind of league in which you play your favorite players regardless of anything? You thought Collins was a better play than your “king Henry” Thats fine, but shut your mouth about him if you can’t even have the balls to start him in a free league
  4. Lol The amount of fantasy games lost in the first 5 minutes of Thursday night football......
  5. I enjoy reading these threads for the amount of juvenile overreacting there is.
  6. With the suspension still looming, and mostly me being over the drama I traded zeke. I sold him, in my opinion, for pennies on the dollar but at 1-2 I can’t afford to lose him for nothing. Zeke/McFadden/allen for aj/Carson/cohen
  7. Accept. Allen is a nice player for sure. But getting starting running backs is getting more difficult. The step down (is there one?) from Allen to hogan to worth gaining martin
  8. I’m right there with you. I traded him/McFadden/Allen for green/Cohen/carson. Not a huge fan but pairing green with brown is strong. My rb core is fornette/McCaffrey/Carson/white/Cohen I think his suspension stands. Just a hunch though
  9. Someone has offered cooper straight up. It hard to resist
  10. That's filthy. You got the two best players in the deal. By far.
  11. Was he turned around by the time the defender was 10 yards down the field with the interception? Also what does it matter? The over reaction on this board is insane....speaks to the volume of newbies/instant gratification on here. Zeke 1st game with less than 10 points ever....and you guys are complaining he's not playing hard? Gtfo. Zeke AND the whole offense was stagnant and got punched in the mouth. Let's not worry too much. Denvers D is legit. Best in nfl
  12. Yes. You accept that trade. Do it before he comes to his senses and realizes he's trading a 4 round pick with potential to be a wr1, for a one week wonder who is a back up currently on his own team.
  13. Sounds to me like you did the strategy have zero rbs. Lol. You'll be fine...just Wait it out
  14. Hit accept! That is an amazing trade for you
  15. Even though history doesn't suggest this, I think dalton will have a reasonable game. Too many weapons in that offense to stay down for long.
  16. That is crazy talk. You don't get 12 touchdowns in a shortened season in the NFL by accident. I agree that melvin Gordon isn't special but damn the hate is strong with you
  17. Lol....potential studs....I literally laughed out loud. Cooks and clay are not potential studs...or anything close
  18. This guy acting like he had a inside source, then comes to Rotoworld forum to share? Lol. Get out of here.... nobody knows when he will be back. Could be week 10 or week 13 or never. I personally "believe" he will be back week 10. That is based on nothing but a gut feeling
  19. Arians is the same guy who put him back in after the injury. I don't trust anything he does or says
  20. Possibly. Or he could be getting a rb who has some value over the next 2-3 months for a rb who may not play again this year. Bryant and Cobb are arguably similar value.
  21. I'm offering dHenry/Cobb for DJ/mBryant. Hope he accepts... im buying DJ in hopes of pairing him with Elliot/abrown for a hopeful stretch run
  22. 2-3 months. Big difference. He could be back by week 10