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  1. 1 hour ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:


    Take some enjoyment wherever you can get it.


    Titans coaches are idiots and cant be trusted.


    Collins has had carries of 9,12,15 the last 3 weeks, steadily rising, so not a bad start in my opinion.


    If i knew henry woumd get double digit touches i would start him the the coaches have been unpredictable.


    How can you call titans coaches idiots for not starting Henry on a NFL team when you can’t start him in your free fantasy football league??  Isn’t a free fantasy league the kind of league in which you play your favorite players regardless of anything? You thought Collins was a better play than your “king Henry”  Thats fine, but shut your mouth about him if you can’t even have the balls to start him in a free league 

  2. With the suspension still looming, and mostly me being over the drama I traded zeke.  I sold him, in my opinion, for pennies on the dollar but at 1-2 I can’t afford to lose him for nothing. 




    for aj/Carson/cohen



  3. Was he turned around by the time the defender was 10 yards down the field with the interception? Also what does it matter?  The over reaction on this board is insane....speaks to the volume of newbies/instant gratification on here.   Zeke 1st game with less than 10 points ever....and you guys are complaining he's not playing hard?   Gtfo.  Zeke AND the whole offense was stagnant and got punched in the mouth.  Let's not worry too much.  Denvers D is legit.  Best in nfl

  4. 33 minutes ago, Experienced Rookie said:

    Top 15 talent?


    First of all, what is that really saying? How many starter worthy RBs are in the NFL? Barely cracking the top 15 is bordering on average at the position. 


    Frankly, from a sheer talent perspective, nothing I've seen from him says that he's an elite talent. The guy is fast, and that's about it. He's landed in a pretty premium spot with a good offense that moves the ball, and nothing but total scrubs to push him for carries. 


    I can easily come up with 15 RBs that I'd rather have for a real football team, and a whole host of other guys that he's on par with. 


    Leveon, DJ, Zeke, McCoy, Freeman, Demarco Murray, Gurley, Fournette, Mark Ingram, Carlos Hyde, Doug Martin, Lamar Miller, Jordan Howard, Dalvin Cook, Kareem Hunt, Marshawn Lynch. I'll take all of those guys for 1 year of real football over Melvin. I don't even need to see more than 1 game from those rookies to know that they're better RBs. 


    I plop Melvin in a lump group with CJ Anderson, Ameer Abdullah, Derrick Henry(who might very well be better than Melvin), Tevin Coleman, and Crowell. If any of those guys had Melvins plush situation I could easily see them outperforming his paltry sub 4 YPC non sense. 


    That is crazy talk.  You don't get 12 touchdowns in a shortened season in the NFL by accident.   

     I agree that melvin Gordon isn't special but damn the hate is strong with you 

  5. This guy acting like he had a inside source, then comes to Rotoworld forum to share? Lol.  Get out of here....  nobody knows when he will be back.  Could be week 10 or week 13 or never.  I personally "believe" he will be back week 10.  That is based on nothing but a gut feeling