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  1. Derrick Henry? Mark Ingram? Unfortunately you’re not going to get a sure fire RB1 for Odell right now.
  2. 13 touches is good for a quality Flex or RB2. I mean he’s currently sitting at RB20 in standard scoring with him having had his bye week already. Some of the names ahead of him were probably drafted 3-4 rounds earlier so he’s returned great value so far. I think the biggest concern for people starting him is the potential for injury but if the guys hot right now you might as well start him.
  3. Seems to be everybody’s take, but I’m not buying it. JuJu is a playmaker(see week 3). Problem is you can’t make plays when the ball isn’t even coming your way.
  4. Same here. You know Rodgers is gonna let some bombs fly tonight.
  5. His former counterpart Alvin Kamara slipping through 10 defenders like he’s covered in oil is pretty entertaining I must say.
  6. Definitely firing him up as my WR3 over the likes of Kirk, Agholor, & Metcalf
  7. Nothing to see here. Still a stud. Scored the touchdowns when he was called upon. They just managed his reps so he can go beast-mode for the Thursday nighter.
  8. Wondering how the weather conditions impact Ingram and the run game today. Anybody with other options debating on sitting Ingram?
  9. Only option I have to sit for him this week would be Hollywood Brown. Not sure if I’m gonna do that, but one of them if not both of them are likely to have a big day.
  10. Everybody who is knocking LF that ACTUALLY watched last night, can you honestly tell me that any other RB in the league would’ve done more with what he was given, on the short week Thursday game with the crappy weather conditions? If so then you very well may be delusional. He was blown up on 90% of his carries and receptions. Minshew under threw him on a sideline catch which would’ve easily gained another 10 yards, and he rushed for 10 yards on his first carry of the game, but to no surprise was called back for holding. There’s no denying he’s not on the best offense to feature his ability, but he’s on the field for every single offensive snap and will consistently be given the ball. His 70 yard rumble was proof that all he needs is one run to go off. Odds are you drafted LF in the 3rd round as your RB2. If he was drafted in the 3rd as your RB1 then you should have 2 stud receivers and more RBs you loaded up on in the middle rounds. You could’ve ended up with Devonta Freeman, or Joe Mixon, Damien Williams, and James Conner a round earlier who haven’t proven to meet their ADP thus far. Don’t get your panties in a knot and let the season ripen a little shall we?
  11. Dude be careful! You’re being too rational and mindful in this thread. This is for paranoid overreactions only !!!! But in all seriousness you pretty much nailed it. Thursday nighters are more often than not an outlier for production. Not to mention it was a windy monsoon out there which didn’t help prevent him from slipping and sliding on a few carries. That 70 yard rumble was a great run. It goes to show that no matter what they plan on pounding the rock.
  12. So you didn’t see him facing 8 man fronts every time he lined up in the back field? He was getting hit before he even hit the line of scrimmage almost every carry.
  13. He was bottled up pretty badly all game with 11 carries for -8 yards until he busted out a 70 yard run on their last drive.
  14. Could be a shootout vs the Steelers this week. Wilson might have to air it out a bunch because you know Ben and the Steelers are looking to put up some points after last week. We should have safer options than D.K at this point, but this game sure looks tasty.