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  1. I'm rolling him out there this week. Been waiting on the chargers kicker but he's still out and Zane had a nice first 2 weeks. Cardinals should be able to move the ball on that Panthers d.
  2. Can't be any worse than the game he had against the Titans on Thursday night last season. To start the fantasy playoffs
  3. That matchup with the dolphins this weekend was too juicy to resist
  4. Gotta preserve himself for a long season. Smart move.
  5. Pick 2 John Brown vs Bengals Tyler Boyd at Buffalo Emanuel Sanders at Green Bay
  6. If Cam is out hopefully they start Kyle Allen and not Grier. I saw him play in preseason and he was god awful.
  7. It might help open things up for him if they would throw him an occasional pass when he's in the game.
  8. Nathan Peterman looks like a pro bowler every year in the preseason. Then the regular season starts....