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  1. First, 2014 was arguably one of the best top end WR classes of all time. Comparing to that would be like comparing anything to the Miller, Watt, Quinn, Smith pass rusher draft class. Sure, it'll happen again (might be this good this year). But just because a class doesn't meet the ability to provide that doesn't mean it's a bad class. Second, combine results aren't worth a ton.
  2. I see WR commonly rated as one of the 5 strongest positions in this draft, particularly at the strength of depth in the middle rounds
  3. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/reports/leaders/rb.php?year=2015&week=1:2 is a good resource I have bookmarked. It has buttons for position, begin week, end week, and position, and you can manipulate the year by changing the URL. Looking over the last 5 years, 140 seems to be good for 15-19, although this year it was a little later at 21.
  4. While it remains to be seen how much of a role Gill will have, Blount had 2 weeks by my count that he didn't hit 9 points in standard. If you say he never exceeded 9 when doing so, he would STILL be a back end RB2/high flex on a PPG basis. I don't think Gill will be drafted as more than a flex, so I think that provides adequate value at worse and great value at best. According to DVOA, Gill was the most efficient runner in the NFL last season. Even if you write off a pretty chunk of that to coming off the bench against tired defenses worn down by McCoy, and discount the fact that Brady is about as much of a run threat as Peyton Manning, he still is probably a more complete back than Blount. I'm not expecting top 7 production, but I don't expect bad either.
  5. His name isn't as punny as Blount though, so he loses a little value in the team namesake department for me.
  6. Depends on how they try and use him. If they try and use him as Blount, I could potentially see it working (and being somewhat fantasy relevant, although I'm not buying at any price I think he'll go at). If they try and use him as DJ/Bell, it'll be awful.
  7. Good lines supposedly are built inside out, especially when it comes to the run game. Whitworth is playing against father time. Even if they grab Robinson (not worth their first rounder, won't be there at second rounder), he performs as advertised (unlike say, Greg Robinson or Joeckel, or even Jake Matthews as a rookie), they still won't have a capable interior. Look at the Cowboys. They still had a meh line even with one of the better LT's in the game in Smith. What put them over the top was getting an elite center and guard to pair with an elite LT, quality guard, and decent RT.
  8. Saints means I'm avoiding at all costs. Doesn't have a good history as a pass catching back or shotgun back, and Ingram is enough to force a committee even if they change their run scheme.
  9. Zeke. Think he had a bigger impact on the defense last year than Ramsey, allowing them to play at an NFL average total level because they were on the field so much less. Without a couple offensive penalties, there's a decent chance the Cowboys get to at least the NFC championship game.
  10. As of the end of bowl season though, the injury was known and his price changed, so not really relevant to the draft discussion IMO. I'm a Miller fan, and he had Henry at 2.25 in his final mock draft last year. Kiper had the Cowboys taking Zeke at 2.03 (lol), with Henry falling to 2.13 (so yes, Ramsey and Zeke probably would have been the best if you accept mocks are remotely accurate *rolls eyes*) McShay's final mock is locked behind ESPN insider if someone wants to check that. Walterfootball had Henry going to the Seahawks at 2.25. CBS had Henry going 2.13 Not exhaustive by any stretch, but there seems to be a consensus among draft "experts" that Henry would have been available.
  11. My first season ever playing fantasy football, I paid to draft Brady. He was QB14 among QBs with at least 10 starts in PPG (to get rid of McCown and Bradford). The next year? QB8, sandwiched between Ryan and Tannehill. Post deflategate, he's killed it as QB2 and tied QB2/3. But half the years I've been playing fantasy football, he hasn't been all that remarkable. The other half he's killed it. I think there's a legitimate question on if the last 2 years are what you expect going forward, especially considering he'll have finished flirting and married the big 40 by the time the season starts. It's certainly possible he goes ham and destroys the league with new weapons on his way to Super Bowl win 7 (that's right, he's going to somehow win 2 this year). There's also a possibility where he's content to ride less than ideal statistical production to a Super Bowl like in the 2014/15 season. I'm not paying premium for that.
  12. I guarantee you Belichick knows this. And the fact he hasn't changed his asking price is speaking to me.
  13. Fantasypros has him at a full 4 points less per game for 2015 and a full 3 less for 2016, so I think we have different numbers (you'd expect that to be somewhat reflected in other QBs point scores as well). According to fantasypros, you're looking at just under a 4 point advantage in Brady over QB10 in 2016, and that SIGNIFICANTLY decreases the last several years before that. I think Brady will be good, but I don't think he'll be first/second round good. I don't even expect QB1 or QB2. Last year was INSANE with how efficient he was. I think interceptions almost have to regress. Given that I think he's going to go in the first 2 rounds in most drafts (because people aren't always logical with name value), I don't think he provides return. Heck, he was a first round pick in my draft last year when he was going to be missing his first 4 games. No one has bigger name value than Brady
  14. It's an unfair comparison if we're not also considering Smith, (although we're much too early for that). The Cowboys have a good young safety in Jones. CB is a big issue because of free agency, but they had perfectly competent corners last year in Scandrick, Carr, Brown, and Claiborne (the only PFF ranking I can find wasn't for a full season, but Dallas had 2 CB's in the top 25 with no Ramsey whatsoever). CB is deep this year, so there is a respectable chance that Zeke, Smith, top 2 round CB this year is better than Ramsey, Henry, and a top 2 round linebacker this year.
  15. Henry ran behind a very similar line and managed a full half yard per carry less than Zeke. I also think Zeke has more potential in the passing game than Henry, but he hasn't been used that way so far this season, and has (to my eyes at least) far more acceleration with similar effective power to Henry.